In case you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks, I would like to inform you that Drake dropped his new album, Scorpion. In case you are not a fan of Drake, you still need to listen to this album. Fans will always debate which album is his best or which song is the greatest, but I'm just here to tell you which drink you should be sipping on while enjoying Scorpion.

Survival: Sparkling Spiked Peach Lemonade

cocktail, Sangria, lemon, peach, strawberry, juice, sweet, vegetable
Carolyne Su

This may just be the intro, but that doesn't hold Drake back. You'll like this drink because it has a fresh taste just like Survival

Nonstop: Saguaro

juice, alcohol, ice, cocktail, liquor, lime, soda, lemon, ginger ale, mint
Jacqueline O'Reilly

This refreshing gin drink is a great match for Nonstop. You may not be able to taste all the gin, so make sure your head doesn't start spinnin'.

Elevate: Honey Jalapeño Margarita

lemonade, juice, ice, cocktail, lemon, sweet
Max Bartick

Drake rapping about how busy he is (bzz) will just make you start thinking about honey. So stop thinking and start drinking.

Emotionless: Canadian Carbomb

Molly Giroux

Drake really dropped a bomb in this song. You're gonna need a drink once you find out Pusha wasn't lying. 

God's Plan: Frosé

cocktail, juice, ice
Caroline Early

It may not be Summer Sixteen anymore but this song proves that Drake will always be #1 and frosé will never get old. 

I'm Upset: Cherry Watermelon Sangria

Haley Abram

You won't be upset while drinking this great sangria with the perfect seasonal fruits. Drake, maybe you should try this one. 

8 Out Of 10: Mimosa Smoothie

Brooke Hamroff

Mimosa smoothies may just be an 8 out of 10, but I think Drake should rename this song to 10 out of 10. 

Mob Ties: Agua Fresca

juice, cocktail, smoothie, sweet
Kathleen Lee

Agua fresca. Basically just reminding you Drake is fresh and you can be too. 

Can't Take A Joke: Matcha Piña Colada

milk, cream, ice, yogurt
Mystikal Scalzi

Sure, Drake may be bragging a little about his lifestyle, but once you make this drink you can start bragging to all of your friends. 

Sandra's Rose: St. Germain Cocktail

juice, vinaigrette, cocktail, sweet, ice
Mary Schoneman

Using rose water is the perfect choice for this fancy cocktail. Drake is the perfect inspiration while making this drink: My mother had a flower shop, but I was Sandra's Rose.

Talk Up: Caesar 

vegetable, Cocktails, bloody mary, holding a cocktail
Alexandra Redmond

This drink is basically the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary, which is perfect for this Jay Z feature. 

Is There More: Blackberry Gin Fizz

Daniel Smith

Drake rapped: "Sweeter the berry, the blacker the juice."

*Gathers best blackberries for cocktail.*

Peak: Negroni

Alexandra Redmond

If you like to really read into Drake's lyrics then you may be wondering about some London chic. While you're doing your research, try a drink that many London locals enjoy. 

Summer Games: Boozy Popsicles

fish, salmon, seafood, meat, steak, trout, fillet
Sofia Gonzalez

You really can't be angry on a night in July if you're having a boozy popsicle. 

Jaded: Kiwi Pineapple Mojito

cocktail, juice, smoothie, mint
Kailla Coomes

If you're old enough but still a baby, does that mean you can drink? Ask Drake for clarification. 

Nice For What: Hurricane

cocktail, sweet, juice, ice, alcohol
Abigail Wilkins

You have to drink this classic New Orleans cocktail while soaking up Drake's NoLa vibes. Hit the drink with them angles for your Instagram. 

Finesse: Daiquiri

Alexandra Redmond

A classic daiquiri is pretty fancy. It takes some finesse. 

Ratchet Happy Birthday: Frosecco

Ashley Steinberg

It's your brrrrrrr- It's your f***ing birthday, so pop some bottles and make frosecco. 

That's How You Feel: New York Cocktail

coffee, cocktail, ice, martini

There's no way you can listen to a song with a Nicki Minaj feature and not be in need of a pink drink right away. 

Blue Tint: Blueberry Cucumber Moscow Mule

tea, blueberry
Delfina Barbiero

Blueberries, I got cucumbers, blue tint, yeah. Blueberries, I got cucumbers, blue tint, yeah. 

In My Feelings: Sidecar

Drake got you that champagne, but you love some Henny. Throw some Henny into your sidecar recipe and you won't need to ask Kiki if she loves you.  

Don't Matter To Me: Peach Berry Sangria

juice, cocktail, ice, sweet, alcohol, wine, liquor
Maxine Mendoza

It don't matter to me what your favorite song is, but you should really try this sangria. You'll be jamming out to MJ and killing the drink game. 

After Dark: Limoncello

juice, oil, olive oil
Savannah Carter

After Dark is smooth, just like this limoncello recipe. It's light, refreshing, and will be your new perfect drink.

Final Fantasy: Pink Lemonade Mojito

vegetable, tomato, pepper, juice
Greer Hackett

Don't know about you but this mojito recipe is better than fantasy, it's real. 

March 14: The Gail Gentes

wine, alcohol, liquor
Tarika Narain

I mean...Champagne Papi. 

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Please drink responsibly, 21+ friends!