Starbucks has just upped their game by making their products even easier to purchase. All you need is your phone to skip the line and have your drink waiting for you right when you walk in the door. Intriguing right? Here’s how you do it. The first step is downloading the Starbucks app, but let’s be real, you already have it. Next, click the order button and browse through the menu. Sandwiches, coffee, snacks, whatever you want.


Photo by Sarah Yanofsky

You can even customize your order so don’t worry about having to order exactly what’s on the menu, you can still get your grande, non-fat, extra hot, no foam latte with two shots of espresso, three pumps of vanilla, and a caramel drizzle.

The app will automatically send your order to the nearest location but you can switch it to any location you’d like. Maybe send your order to the Starbucks right next to work and pick it up on the way there. When you place your order the app will give you a window of time for when it will be ready.


Photo by Justin Schuble

Can’t get much easier than that. Order your morning coffee from the car, bus, home, or even your bed and just stroll into Starbucks and ask the barista for your drink or just pick it up if it’s already sitting there with your name on it. You’ve already paid for it on your phone so there’s nothing else you need to do. You can be in and out in one minute. The only thing better than mobile ordering would be Starbucks delivery. Hey, we can dream.