For many college students, summer means only one thing—internships. Finding one that suits both your schedule, location, and interests can be a challenge. For my fellow foodies and travel fanatics who just happen to not have plans (or just really want an amazing experience), Noosa Yoghurt has the job for you.

Noosa Yoghurt

Before you start applying for the job, you have to know the basics of the company. Noosa started out with a big dream and a passion for great yoghurt. The founder, Aussie Koel Thomae, took her business dreams from the Down Under to rocky Colorado. Koel came across a family run dairy farm, home to some of the finest quality milk in the country. With this fit, Noosa quickly came to life.

The brand soon found its way into stores across the country with a mission to produce the best yoghurt in the world. The brand has holistic values and partners with companies from across the country. Noosa intends to inspire and help future businesses, big or small. And that's exactly what they will do for you.

How to Enter

Photo courtesy of Noosa

The rules for this contest is simple. All you have to do is post a picture on Instagram or Twitter, or send it directly to the website, of an original flavor of yoghurt. Add a clever caption that will be sure to stand out. Noosa wants its applicants to showcase a unique flavor within a high-quality picture. 

Be sure to tag @noosayoghurt and use the hashtag #flavorfindercontest to ensure the Noosa team will see your post. As long as your account is public, becoming a Flavor Finder might just be in your future.

The Winners

After a lengthy review process accessing the flavor of the post, its originality, and captivating caption, Noosa will hand pick 4 winners and 3 nominees. It will be up to the public to choose the 5th winner. By May 7th, all winners will be announced to the public.

The 5 selected winners will be flown out to Colorado in June for a full immersion into Noosa. The three-day, two-night trip is completely free to each winner. Included is a tour of Noosa's headquarters and farm, meals, and airfare. Of course, you will be able to meet Noosa's very own Koel Thomae and join her along what the site calls the "ultimate dairy adventure".

Once you finish your crash course in everything Noosa, you will be sent off with $2,000 to travel and explore the newest food trends with the ultimate goal of potentially finding the best yoghurt flavor. Whether you choose Italy for a taste of grapes, Turkey for pistachios, or your hometown's local café, Noosa will fully support your adventure to create a delicious flavor combination.

Between the trip out to Colorado and the money provided to travel, the grand prize is worth over $4500! Get your ideas churning and find some inspiration soon. The contest deadline is Friday, April 20th. For all the rules and regulations of the Flavor Finder contest, review the official rules.