Greek yogurt is a lifestyle. We live, eat, and breathe the creamy deliciousness that is Greek yogurt. We've had our fair share of crappy yogurt brands—we'd go as far enough to call ourselves veterans of countless artificial-tasting yogurt taste tests. But we've also found authentic yogurts that are nothing short of irresistibly luxurious. 

Greek yogurt and standard yogurts are surprisingly quite similar. They start with the same process in which milk is heated, cooled, and infused with probiotics. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is strained to remove excess whey and lactose. This process results in yogurt that has double the amount of protein, triple the amount of saturated fat, and half the amount of carbohydrates. 

Typically, we find regular yogurts too thin and unsatisfying. As athletes, we want a fulfilling, protein-rich snack to recover our bodies. Many post-workout snacks later, we've done the dirty work, and we're here to bless you with a list of the five best Greek yogurt brands that we buy regularly.

5. Oikos Triple Zero

It turns out dessert can be healthy. Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt offers countless delicious flavors with no artificial sweeteners, added sugars, or fat. Don't let the limited sugar content fool you—this yogurt is bursting with immense flavor and satisfaction, especially the vanilla flavor. It has a ridiculously creamy texture and a punch of sweetness that is sure to alleviate your sweet tooth the healthy way. Adding fruit, granola, dark chocolate, or any of your favorite toppings will help you to enjoy a delicious dessert while controlling your cravings and benefiting your body.

4. Chobani

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Alex Frank

Chobani’s wide variety of flavors and products allow you to try something new each time you buy their Greek yogurt. Between the fruit on the bottom, blended, drink, a hint of flavor, and plain options, there are endless ways to enjoy this delicious snack. The Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon yogurt is reminiscent of our favorite *basic* fall flavor, pumpkin spice. 10/10 would recommend for our fellow autumn lovers. That being said, Chobani’s use of simple ingredients and natural flavors will restore your hope in quality Greek yogurt brands.

3. Dannon Light & Fit Greek

Danon, originally known for its standard flavors, has recently expanded its brand to feature low-calorie Greek yogurt options. For those who love flavored yogurts, Light & Fit come in over 15 unique flavors, ranging from Toasted Marshmallow, Strawberry Cheesecake, and our personal favorite, Caramel Apple Pie. The Caramel Apple pie includes fresh, finely-chopped pieces of apple and ground cinnamon to produce a flavor that's reminiscent of to OG dessert. If you're limiting your artificial sweetener intake, Dannon offers an entire range of yogurts with only natural sweeteners. 

2. Siggi's

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Despite its similar appearance, Siggi’s isn’t actually Greek yogurt—it’s Icelandic. Technicalities aside, there is nothing artificial about Siggi’s tremendous flavor (literally). We have to admit, we were a bit wary of trying something other than plain—many brands like to use artificial flavors. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it's an authentic and refreshing snack—there wasn't a doubt in our minds that every ingredient was real. We'd recommend mixed berries & açaí and coconut. Ultimately, Siggi's thick, pudding-like texture and unique flavors set it apart from other brands. 

1. Fage

This one was sure to come out on top—Bobby Flay himself endorses it. Fage’s cool, cloud-like texture makes this Greek yogurt a versatile asset to any meal you make, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Our favorite flavor to buy is Fage Total 0% (plain); you can mix in anything you want to make a personalized parfait without it being overly sweet.

You can also use it as a substitute for cream-based products, such as sour cream and Cool Whip, and add it to your favorite recipes for a healthier twist (I’m looking at you, cookies). With Fage’s high-quality taste and texture, you can do no wrong no matter what flavor you buy.

No matter what brand you buy, incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet is a great way to spice up your meals and bring out your creative side without feeling weighed down. Greek yogurt’s fantastic health benefits can be enjoyed in numerous ways, and each brand offers a unique twist on their products to keep things interesting. We encourage you to try some the best Greek yogurt brands that we included on this list, but whatever you choose, just make sure it makes you happy!