It feels like Oreo is always coming out with new flavors, whether it's pink peeps, pumpkin spice, or the newest flavor, firework Oreos with popping candy creme. But if you're like me, and none of these flavors sound too delicious, this is your opportunity to get your favorite food turned into an Oreo. Oreo is having a #MyOreoCreation contest, giving anyone the chance to come up with Oreo's newest flavor.

The Prize 

The winning cookie will not only be in stores all over the United States, but the person who created the cookie will get $500,000. You will also become an Oreo VIP, which will get you access to upcoming Oreo releases and top-secret Oreo prototypes. 

Other Similar Contests

If this contest sounds familiar, it's probably because Lay's has done something similar a few times with a #DoUsAFlavor challenge, where the winner could get $1,000,000. Some of the finalists of the last Lay's contest include southern biscuits and gravy and New York Reuben.

Another Oreo Contest

Oreo also had another challenge a few months ago called #OreoDunkSweepstakes. This challenge offered $2,000 and a chance to go to a special Oreo event, and lots of celebrities were involved in spreading the word about it. 

So, even though some of the craziest ideas I could've come up with for my own Oreo flavor area already taken, there's still lots of flavors to consider. Submit your ideas soon, but don't worry if you miss out because Oreo will probably have another contest soon. You can submit your ideas by doing #MyOreoCreation #Contest on either Instagram or Twitter. I'm thinking avocado toast or kale flavored.