What do National Donut Day, Something On A Stick Day, Homemade Bread Day and World Tapas Day all have in common? They're all 100% real holidays dedicated to food. I know what you're thinking, "Oh, come on. Those aren't real holidays," and I'm pleased to inform you that you would be wrong. Nowadays it seems like almost every type of food has a "holiday" dedicated to it and while some may seem fake a lot of them aren't! One of these days is World Tapas Day, a very special holiday that I only learned about recently. 

What are tapas?

Before I get into what World Tapas Day is, allow me to explain what "tapas" are. A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine that has come to be used as a blanket term for any type of small shared plate. While you might initially be opposed to the idea of bite-sized snacks making up the entirety of your meal allow me to explain the biggest appeal to tapas: variety. If you're the type of person who can never decide on what to order or always get jealous after seeing your friend's order at a restaurant then tapas may be the solution. Tapas can range from dishes like grilled baby squid to a simple meat and cheese board, so you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy even if you're a picky eater.

When and what is World Tapas Day?

Designated as an official food holiday by Spain back in 2016, World Tapas Day has already proved to be immensely popular in countries all over the world. Celebrated on the third Thursday in June, the holiday is essentially an excuse to fill up on Spanish food and maybe learn a bit more about Spain in the process. PS: Don't forget to grab a few drinks as well.  

Where can I celebrate?

If you don't have any plans on traveling to Spain anytime soon, don't worry, you can celebrate this holiday right where you are. Check out local news and events websites in your area and see if anyone is hosting anything. You'd be surprised how popular the holiday already is — in fact, we even have a week-long tapas bar hop here in Bangkok in celebration of the day. If there aren't any events going on where you live then feel free to take the tapas into your own hands and stop by your local grocery store to make your own version of Spanish small plates.

Will you be celebrating this awesome food holiday?