The spring and fall involvement fairs on Fairfield Way or in Gampel are overwhelming for new and returning students. Hundreds of tables are littered with candy and stickers as the table host offers activities and events to build resumes. However, only Spoon Univserty's UConn chapter offers an online source for your own expertise in the field of food.

This club is one with a diverse system of staff and positions which allows students to be introduced to a working field while enjoying their favorite foods. Not only do you get to evolve your own occupational skills, but you get to meet people with a similar love for food!

At a typical meeting, one can find a group of students from all grades enjoying a good conversation on food news or on their own favorite meals. 

Our mission statement is:

"to provide college students with the chance to learn, share and talk about food via an online food publication and to build a community around food. Ultimately, the mission is to help college students eat intelligently."

Our chapter holds four main positions consisting of writers, photographers, marketers, and videographers. Members are able to specialize in one or all of them! 


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Jennifer Hayashi

Our chapter allows writers to take on any topic or position they want on food or health. Spoon University's health page allows students to provide tips and tricks to feel like your best self by any means necessary. This does not apply to solely food!

Students can write about topics such as exercise routines, aromatherapy, or even naps. As long as the stories are appropriate and follow UConn's core understandings, then write away!

Photography & Videography 

Courtney Stewart

The main job of the photographers is to get the most beautiful angles of meals as possible. On our platform Secret Sauce, new recruits go through a small training exercise to learn how to take the most beautiful photos of food possible.

Photographers pair with writers to get photos for their upcoming articles where their name will be featured under the work of art.

Photographers also provide photos for the different social media pages. Ours can be found at @spoon_uconn on Twitter and Instagram.

Videographers have a very similar job where instead of just one snapshot, they capture an entire food making process. This typically involves recording steps of a recipe or recording our marketing events.


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Sam Jesner

Marketing is one of the most essential jobs in our team. These are the people responsible for distributing articles and photographs on our social media platforms (@spoon_uconn).

Marketers also organize events across campus which can be anything from a bake sale, collaboration with other organizations, or working directly with local businesses. This position allows members to widen their connections and understand the intricacies of marketing in a workplace.

We try to do promotional events as well as sponsorships for our name across campus while keeping our atmosphere chill and accomodating for everyone.

Keep in mind you can take on any of these positions. I consider myself to be a writer and photographer, and I currently hold the secretary position.

There are many opportunities for mobility in our organization, and we encourage you to get involved in an exciting, diverse, and tasty environment like ours.

Look us up on UConntact to find out how to apply! 


visit: to jump right in today.

See Ya Spoon!