Are you new to UConn and having trouble acclimating to the university: a freshman or a transfer student?

Or are you a returning student wondering about how to find time to relax during a busy schedule?

Good news, UConn offers many solutions for any student who is overwhelmed or trying to find a break during their day.

From DIY air freshener jars to nature walks, there are endless options for taking a breather or a step back for all schedules.

1. Health Education Office Activities

Margot Eversdyke

UConn Health Education office offers activities twice a week to relax, and most of them include something you can take with you to continue healthy habits.

Time-Out Tuesdays are every week from 2-5 p.m., and Wind Down Wednesdays are from 4-7 p.m. every week.

Past events include knitting workshops, DIY herbal pillows, and ukulele lessons. Upcoming events include an array of prize wheels, mindfulness classes, and pet therapy.

In my visits to the office, I have spun the fitness wheel to win a free frisbee and chilled with a very loving pup during pet therapy. I've also received a sheet of bubble wrap for popping, a rainbow stress toy and a packet of hot chocolate mix.

2. CMHS Drop-In Hours

UConn Counseling & Mental Health Services (CMHS) offer drop-in hours Monday through Friday 1-3 PM in Arjona 403, as well as Tuesday 10 AM-12 PM in the Student Union, room 410.

This service is free and open to all students interested in having exposure to what meeting with a therapist is like, or advice on campus resources. 

Dropping by is a good first step if you are having trouble with something and are seeking an outside opinion. 

3. Hikes & Walks

Margot Eversdyke

Walking around campus to get to class may seem enough as it is, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile (haha!), incorporating hikes can be a refreshing change of scenery.

Whether it’s up Horsebarn Hill, or conquering the stairs to Towers, enjoying the environment around you can be a refreshing perspective.

Listen to some uplifting tunes - I recommend “What Do I Know?” by Ed Sheeran- and breathe deep.

4. UConn Late Night

You’ve definitely heard of it. Every Friday and Saturday night from 9 pm to 1 am in the student union, UConn Late Night hosts a theme of events.

These can include karaoke, laser tag, sand-art, giveaways, and more.

Is there anything better than a fun and free hangout full of events that you can utilize to get connected with other Huskies to enjoy the weekend?

5. Healthy Husky Challenge

Finally, if you're practicing all of these healthy habits, why not get some cha-ching for it too?

The Healthy Husky Challenge is a way to learn more about methods for getting connected with UConn’s many resources regarding health.

Depending on the amount of activities you sign up for, including but not limited to Pet Therapy, Yoga, and SHS Tours, you can earn between $5 - $15 in gift cards to places to eat on campus, including Starbucks, Mooyah, or Blaze.

Act fast; the challenge goes from September 13th until October 31st. 

The Takeaway:

chocolate, cake, sleep, nap, napping, sleeping, asleep, girl, bed, blanket, pillow
Jocelyn Hsu

Overall, it's important to remember to take some time for yourself throughout the day.

It can be challenging to find time to  focus on your mental health, but UConn offers a wide variety of activities, helping-hands, and foliage to provide students with opportunities to relax.