Come be a part of something big! Florida Tech's first ever food publication club has arrived and it is our very own chapter of Spoon University. If contributing to the initial success of the first on campus food publication club isn't enough to get you interested, check out these reasons why you should join Spoon University at Florida Tech

1. Amp up your writing skills

Writing Spoon Articles is a fantastic and fun way to practice your writing skills and unlock your creative side. Once you are a Spoon member, you will gain access to their awesome training courses and programs to help you create sweet articles like this one. Plus they make it super easy to ad your own personality and flair to the articles with media like this adorable cat GIF. 

2. Make Sweet Videos

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make sweet social media videos, then Spoon is the right place for you. Once you become a member of Spoon you also get access to all kinds of cool programs and assets that you can use to make epic videos. Plus, a Spoon membership gets you some super helpful training courses so you can become a pro content creator in no time.

3. Show your Panther Pride!

Show your Panther Pride and help put Florida Tech on the map! Every piece of content you make for Spoon represents your school within a community of food lovers. If the article or video that you create turns out to be amazing, it could make Florida Tech famous. How sweet would it be to be the one responsible for making Florida Tech a well known name in the foodie community?

4. Opportunities

Speaking of your Spoon content getting famous, this can lead to amazing opportunities. Spoon University has helped connect college students just like you with internships working for the big names in food entertainment like PopSugar, Food Beast, Buzz Feed, and many more. Kick start your videography, photography, journalism, or marketing career by becoming a member of Spoon University

5. The Food

Of course the most delicious reason to join Spoon University is the food! Since Spoon is a club all about food, you can expect to make and eat lots of amazing food. Whether it's going around town to take pictures of "The Best Pizza in Melbourne" or making a recipe for "Dorm Room Cooking Hacks" video, you can always expect that for every piece of content you need to make, there will be fantastic food to be eaten.  

Join Spoon University Today!

If these five reasons got you excited, join Spoon University at Florida Institute of Technology today! For more information about Spoon University, you can visit the website to check out the awesome staff, and featured content from other schools. If Florida Institute of Technology isn't your school, you can apply to found a chapter today at your school. Welcome new members! Come check out our team at Florida Tech!