Spoon University, CUA's premiere club of food lovers. What do we do, you may ask? Well, we're just here to document all of our best meals, find awesome places to eat around D.C., and swap some of our favorite recipes with one another. Whether you're a freshman looking to branch out and join a new club, or a senior trying to buff up your resumé, Spoon University at CUA is the club to join!

Just imagine, a club revolving around food. One which encourages #basic food pics and never ever says no to dessert. We have positions for writers, marketers, photographers and videographers, so whatever your thing is we have a place for you at Spoon U. So if you haven't been sold on it yet, check out these three reasons to join Spoon University at CUA! 

1. Free Food

Free food, what could be better than that? We will always provide some kind of snack for our members to munch on during Spoon meetings. Spoon CUA has a partnership with Whole Foods as well, which means Whole Foods gift cards if you want to write a specific article about one of their products.

Because we know that free gift cards are pretty much every college students' dream. Not to mention the endless opportunities we have as a club to reach out to different restaurants and stores around DC to have meals compensated for. Have a restaurant you've been dying to go to? Tell them you're a part of Spoon U and see what they can do for you.

2. Learn Valuable Skills

Spoon University can beef up all kinds of resumes. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, photographer, or videographer, Spoon U is a great way to improve your skills and learn new things, even if that isn’t the field you’re planning to go into. Not to mention it can sound pretty swanky if you go on to become a chapter director.

Spoon can teach you everything from different ways to improve your writing skills to learning the ropes of planning and promoting events and even how to improve your Instagram game. Along with the fact that you can learn a lot of new things about food and get the inside scoop on the D.C. eating scene, Spoon University is great because it can teach you all kinds of new things.

3. Meet Fellow Foodies

Join a club full of people who think like you do. The members of Spoon CUA are all about finding the best places in the area to eat and drink, swapping their favorite recipes with each other, and creating the coolest food-related content. Join Spoon CUA to find fellow foodie friends to eat your way through college with!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Spoon CUA Facebook page or click here to find out how you can sign up to eat good food and make new friends. Obviously there are more than just three reasons to join Spoon University at CUA, but you'll just have to stop by one of our meetings or sign up to find out more. Come spoon with us and the pastabilites will be endless!