No matter who you are, food and health impact you every single day. As college students, we especially need to focus on how we are fueling our bodies for our grueling course loads, and making sure that our mental health is in check as well.

Since these are so important, Spoon University wants to start a conversation with other college students about creative and fun ways to do this. From articles like What Food You Should Eat Based on Your Favorite Netflix Series to What Your Favorite Drinks Are Actually Doing to Your Teeth, Spoon University covers it all. We even have a new platform, Healthier, which focuses on a more general sense of health. 

As the founder of Spoon's UMN chapter, I especially want to share Spoon with the rest of you, since I loved it enough to start my own chapter. Eventually, you'll love it just as much as me (if that's even possible). Here are the reasons why you should join Spoon University's chapter at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

1. You'll meet new friends.

At such a big school like the University of Minnesota, there are quite literally thousands of people that you could meet and become friends with. However, the new friends that you will make in Spoon will be your #foodie friends.

These will be the friends that are willing to go drive an hour to get that unbelievable panini you heard about, or that enormous ice cream cone you've been dying to devour — in the middle of the winter. Or, they can be your go-to people to talk about serious health issues such as mental or physical health. Your choice.

2. You have a passion for food, health, and wellness.

What other club on campus ENCOURAGES you to not only eat food, but live and breathe it too?

You can be that go-to friend that knows ALL the spots around campus that have the best grub for whatever you are craving, simply because you have an insider view of one of the most food-oriented groups on campus. Never settle for boring food again! 

Plus, you would now have an excuse to take pictures of all the food without being ashamed of being #basic.

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Alex Frank

Finally, you can help fellow students at our UMN campus learn about easy recipes for #dormlyfe with limited time, money, and resources to eat as intelligently as possible, or, on a more serious note, be a contributor to the conversation about mental health. 

3. Boost your resume.

Kevin Del Orbe

Whether you are majoring in Journalism, Marketing, Strategic Communication, Mass Communication, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Film, Photography, or anything of the sorts, this is the perfect opportunity to get experience in your field. Since Spoon University is an online publication, we need writers, photographers, videographers, and marketers to create our team.

Joining Spoon as a general member would give you material for your portfolio, or as a leader would differentiate yourself from your peers. Companies love experience, and this is the perfect way to get some. 

4. Pursue your interests.

Maybe you're not one of the majors mentioned above, but you still love to write or photograph in your free time. Maybe you have next level social media #skills and would love to be responsible for Instagramming about food 24/7.

Maybe you are interested in any of the above and want to learn more about them. Here's your perfect chance! Whoever you are, joining Spoon UMN will give you a unique opportunity to combine all of your interests into one club. 

5. Become #almostfamous. 

The more content you create, the more chances you have for your article, photo, or video to go viral! Since Spoon University has partnerships with Buzzfeed, Food Network, and other uber famous companies, so there are so many ways that your content could get thousands of pageviews!

Sometimes Spoon University takes over Food Network's Snapchat channel for a day, and that could be you.

If these reasons aren't enough for you, maybe free food at meetings will. 

To apply, or for more information, email our founder, Lauren. You know you want to.