Some people like to practice immersion with their favorite show. Eat, sleep and breathe the show. Here are a few suggestions to make your next binge watch even better.

1. Gilmore Girls

Coffee, coffee, coffee with the occasional batch of tater tots or pancakes is your go-to. You can also reach for that Chinese takeout menu if you're feeling it. Basically, if you are a Gilmore Girl lover like me, there's no food that you shouldn't eat; except maybe a fruit or vegetable. Considering most scenes of this show are at a dinner table or diner, you must be a foodie. Join the club.

2. Stranger Things

Isn't it obvious? It would have to be Eggo Waffles because of Eleven's weird obsession. But, if you're a bigger fan of Dustin, chocolate pudding is the go-to. Some of the graphics in the show may reduce your appetite so maybe the food should be a pre-binge thing though.

3. That 70's Show

Anything that Kitty whips up for you, whether it be meatloaf, cake, or a cocktail. If you don't have a Kitty at home, go with Munchies. You can find them at any convenience store, unless you are feeling those "special" homemade brownies.

4. Shameless

If you are a true lover of this insane show, you know that they don't eat much. They do however consume an intense amount of drugs and alcohol.  That's not what i'm suggesting though.

One of my favorite characters was Jimmy because he would always bring the best food ever: PASTRIES, donuts, muffins, croissants or anything else the Gallagher's couldn't pronounce. Stop by a coffee shop before this binge and treat yourself.

6. Gossip Girl

I heard that Rufus Humphrey makes some pretty dank waffles and we all wish we had our own Dorota.  But really, sitting down to watch Gossip Girl is like experiencing Valentine's Day as a single lady (or dude). There's so much love in the air that all you want to do is stuff your face with macarons and any classy junk food you can get your hands on will do. Espresso? Caviar? Just go for it. 

7. Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson once said, "There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food." Waffles, bacon, pancakes, eggs and everything that "should" be eaten before noon. So there it is TREAT YO SELF and say NO to conforming to meal standards.

9. Friends

Joey would say sandwiches. Monica would say some fancy-shmancy word that even us foodies don't care about. Rachel would be too busy talking about a boy or clothes. Ross would babble on about his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich that sent him into a rage and whatever Chandler would say is irrelevant. I guess it's your decision.

10. The Office

Basically if you are a fan of the Office, your dream is to be in that conference room, celebrating a birthday (or any accomplishment really). This entails cake. You could also stop by your local Chili's but that may interfere with your binge watching so I would just go for some cake.

11. How I Met Your Mother

A true fan would need some Tantrum to get them through the binge. If you don't know what Tantrum is, it is the most highly caffeinated drink and it is what gets Marshall and Ted through hours of "500 miles" on repeat (aka a road trip). Also, if you don't know what Tantrum is, work on becoming a better fan.

If you are feeling adventurous, go for Ms. Eriksen's specialty: the "secret" 7 layer salad. All you will need is bacon bits, cheese, cabbage, Funyuns, gummy bears and potato chips. Now layer all of that in-between cups on cups of mayo and you're in for a treat.


A round of applause for all of the rest, the ones that may not be as popular (or i have just not seen). I believe all Netflix shows deserve a binge watch. If your favorite show isn't on this list, I would say every binge watch should include straight junk food. If you are eating vegetables whilst watching your show, reevaluate maybe?