Just when you thought your love for pizza couldn't get any stronger, here comes dessert pizza. Sure, dessert pizzas have always been a thing, maybe you made them at sleepovers or occasionally saw them on a menu, but those were more s'mores pizzas instead of real dessert pizzas. What is a real dessert pizza you ask? I'm talking perfectly crafted pizza dough with cannolis, fruity pebbles cereal, M&Ms, and icing swirled on top. 

All the toppings your heart desires

It seems like every dessert nowadays is over the top. There's over the top milkshakes, ice cream waffles, and even doughnuts. But nothing rivals the capability of pizza dough to hold as many toppings as you could ever imagine. If you look at your pizza crust as a perfectly circular canvas for your topping preferences, then the dessert world is your oyster. Dessert pizza also allows you to combine your favorite desserts, like cannolis and chocolate covered pretzels.

Shareable (if you want)

Ever split a dessert with someone and they take wayyyy more than their half? Dessert pizza is perfectly cut into beautiful triangles, making it essentially made to share with as many friends as you want. And if you're getting such an over the top dessert pizza like the one above, you might need to share it with someone else because it may be impossible for one person to finish. But even if you don't want to share your hand-crafted dessert pizza, left over pizza is one of America's favorite foods and then you'll have dessert pizza for days!

Stuffed with more heavenly goodness 

It's deep dish in dessert pizza form! Sure, us East Coasters don't support the deep dish movement, but when it's blueberry french toast stuffed dessert pizza, we can put our differences aside and indulge together. Besides, it's always nice to try something different every once in a while. 

If these pics alone didn't convince you to get out there and try dessert pizza then there's something wrong with you. The Gods have answered all us pizza-lover's prayers and bestowed upon us the dessert of all desserts, there's nothing better than combing the best food group (dessert) with the best food out there (pizza) to make this delicious of a dessert.