You know those fancy waffles your friends have been making you salivate over when they post them all over their Instagram feeds? Yeah. You know what I'm talking about; the ones that look like the waffle version of bubble wrap and hold crazy ice cream treats? Well, Wowfulls is finally bringing those treats somewhere you can easily find them.

You heard me right. Bubble Waffles and their ice cream counterparts are here to stay. And not just at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, but in a Brick and Mortar store on the Lower East Side.

Bubble waffles, or Egg Waffles as they're otherwise known, are a popular treat in Hong Kong, but in 2015 David Chan, Peter Li and Yiming Hui blessed us by bringing it to America.

They reintroduced it in the form of a cone and topped it with ice cream to create the dreamy savory and sweet, crunchy and creamy dessert combo we've come to love and praise.

They're already an expected participant in many dessert and food festivals throughout New York state, so it makes sense that they are ready for a place of their own. 

On opening weekend, from March 31-April 2, Wowfulls will be running a number of promotions, including $1 Wowfulls for the first 50 customers and $5 for all after that, along with Wowfull t-shirts and pins for the first 200 customers.

In honor of the launch, Wowfulls is even introducing new flavors and signature ice creams to their repertoire. No word on what these waffle flavors are yet- I'm told they're staying a surprise- but I can't wait to see a riff beyond original, matcha and chocolate. They'll also be serving specialty drinks and coffee from La Colombe.

Check out their Facebook for more details on opening weekend and beyond. I will definitely be living life Wowfull-y that weekend and doing my best to make sure I'm one of those first 50 in line.