As a senior in college, I have weathered the morning storm many times after a night of overindulgence. I'm familiar with the kind of mornings where you look up at the ceiling and ask the sky what you could have done to deserve this kind of punishment. Probably because you forgot from the night before. I’m talking about hangovers, and it turns out, drinking pink sea salt is a great way to deal with them. Let me explain.

People are constantly spouting age-old hangover cliché’s like eat a greasy meal, or drink a Gatorade and take some Advil. But for those mornings when the metaphoric vice grips are on your head too tight to bear, these suggestions will not get the job done. In my years of battling through dreadful mornings after a night too well lived, I have found this simple elixir to work wonders for loosening the hangover vice grips. It’s a remedy that was given to me by my own doctor after an awkward conversation about moderation. The key to solving your morning misery comes in just the 4 ingredients I’m going to share with you. Now write this down:

Hangover Elixir

lemon, juice, lemonade, citrus, lime, citron
Jocelyn Hsu

· 16 oz warm water

· 1 (generous) tablespoon pink Himalayan sea salt

· ½ lemon squeezed

· ½ lime squeezed

Pour the ingredients in warm water, give it a nice stir, and boom, wait for life to re-enter your body. That simple recipe has become my go-to Sunday morning ritual. Drinking pink sea salt for a hangover has made the Sunday couch lock experience a little less painful.

If my testimony isn’t enough to convince you to try another bizarre hangover cure, there is a lot of science to explain why drinking pink sea salt for a hangover works. If you haven’t heard already, the source of a hangover is massive dehydration. Alcohol drains the body of necessary fluids while working ever so hard to metabolize the poison you’re pouring into it. Dehydration is the main cause for the laundry list of things to hate about hangovers i.e. nausea.

The magic this drink holds is that it rehydrates you and fast. Pink Himalayan sea salt is filled with all the minerals your body is desperate for, boosting hydration and helping to remove toxins from your poor liver. The lemon and lime are to get some vitamin c, another mineral crutch for a beat-up liver. 

When going to purchase these ingredients, it is imperative to get high-quality, pink Himalayan sea salt. No white table salt nonsense, you need the good minerals pink sea salt packs, like iron, calcium, and magnesium if you want to feel slightly less like dying and reinvigorate your system. 

I recommend gulping this drink down fast versus a casual sipping because your body needs to be hydrated ASAP.

In an ideal world you would have this to drink before bed on the night of a bender, but sometimes life just happens, and you have to deal with it in the morning. I hope this helps ease the pain for many mornings to come.