I’ve had my fair share of hangovers. Been there, hated it. As a college student, drinking is an inevitable and recurring event, especially on the weekends. And yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard about what to do when you’re hungover- drink lots of water, take multivitamins, try and not hate yourself from the night before- but what about BEFORE you start drinking? Here are the five best foods to eat before you start drinking, in order to prevent a nasty hangover. 


Danielle Clark

According to to Marina Chaparro, MPH, RDN, CDE, LD, Salmon is one of the best foods you can eat due to it’s high levels of B12, which alcohol drains sufficiently. Plus, it boosts memory, which can be beneficial for the next day. Try out this simple baked salmon recipe to cut down on time and make the night even easier. 


Danielle Clark

According to Nutritionist Katherine Brooking, eating protein before you go out drinking helps metabolize the drinks and slow the digestion of it, where as refined carbs like cookies, white rice, and white bread just absorb the alcohol into your blog stream. Eating eggs before you go out and drink combine healthy fats and lean protein, as well as keep you full and satisfied. Try out this spicy quinoa breakfast bowl, which packs healthy fats, carbs, protein, AND taste.


Similar to protein, eating foods high in healthy fats help your body absorb the alcohol slower, rather than let it pass through. Furthermore, avocados are high in fiber (always beneficial) and vitamin C, which is yet another vitamin our body is deprived of when we drink. Try some avocado toast on whole grain toast (this and this are my two favorite bread companies, because all their loaves are high in whole grains and protein!) with sea salt and hemp seeds for protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs.

Brown Rice

Danielle Clark

When consuming carbohydrates, it’s always important to choose starchy, whole grains over refined. However, this is even more key when it comes to drinking (well, really- all our eating choices are, because hangovers are no joke). If you’re going out to eat before a night out, or are simply fueling up for all the Burnette’s and Natural Light, try eating some brown rice! Brown rice is a starchy carb that will leave you satisfied, as well as stabilize your blood sugar and provide you sustainable energy. Try out this “clay pot” dish, which takes 30 minutes and also packs protein, or this Thai Cashew Fried Rice.


Does water count? Despite it being essential to our everyday survival, people tend to forget how vital water is to curing (and more importantly… PREVENTING) a hangover. Before you go out, make it a priority to drink 32-64 oz of water an hour beforehand. Since alcohol dehydrates our bodies, which is what brings on the bad hangovers. The more water you drink beforehand, the less you’ll hate yourself the next day. If you’re struggling with water consumption, try lemon water, or if you’re extra fancy, maple water!