Just like that, the first week of class is over. FROG week is now a distant memory to all and it's time to get involved in the JMU community. And there is no better way to get involved at James Madison than joining JMU Spoon University! 

What is Spoon University?

Spoon University is one of the number 1 resources for all things food for our generation written by our generation. All of our JMU Spoon members live, breathe, photograph, talk, and of course eat like foodies (duh.). Our content ranges from ranking the best of Burnett's flavored vodka to investigative articles like what's actually hiding in the food you are eating. 

Why You Should Join JMU Spoon University

While thinking about all the reasons I love JMU Spoon, I realized that this could have been a never-ending list. Although, for the sake of time, I have narrowed this list down to 4 reasons why you should apply to JMU Spoon University. 

1. You can now embrace your inner IG foodie

No more need to snap that picture of your lunch in secrecy. Once you join JMU Spoon, daily food pics are embraced, celebrated and shared amongst our wonderful world of foodies. Some of your fab photos might even make it on our IG.

#spoontip: Follow us on IG  @spoon_jmu for all the best in local eats in the area. You'll thank me later. 

2. You can gain professional experience

We have members of all different majors and backgrounds who have all added something special to JMU Spoon University. Some of our (past and present ) members have been able to take their unique perspectives and make professional connections through their involvement at JMU Spoon University. 

3. You get the inside scoop on the BEST eats at JMU

JMU Spoon is fortunate enough to have some amazing friendships with local establishments and other foodies. And we have been able to check out some of their newest eats so we could share them with our fellow Dukes! Seriously, if you haven't already followed the earlier #spoontip, go follow us on IG and FB. We post some of the most exciting and delicious food that Harrisonburg has to offer you

4. You can find some of your lifelong friends

JMU is already known for being filled with hella awesome people, why not meet more of your fellow Dukes who love food just as much as you! Some of the greatest friendships are built on sharing food.

Make sure to check us out at this upcoming Student Org Night from 7-9pm and follow us on FB and IG to see what we are eating! Interested in applying to JMU Spoon? Check out our website and request an application.