Echoing throughout the Shenandoah Valley, you can hear the mastication of thousands of satisfied JMU students. They dream of dining on peanut butter pie and buffalo mash, while visions of nugget Thursday dance in their heads

Yes, it's a known fact that JMU consistently ranks among the highest when it comes to university dining. But there's something else that seems to take our dining experience here at Madison above and beyond. It seems to be an extension of the very atmosphere at JMU that permeates through all the eateries on campus. At the (D) hub of it all, we have the spectacular employees who elevate our dining to a next level.

I asked JMU students to tell me about their most memorable dining service employees, and the responses poured in like Cheerwine. Here is what some of you had to say about the smiles behind our service.

1. Flo—D-Hub Wrap Station.

"She is the SWEETEST old lady to ever live. Will always have the sweetest, heartfelt conversations and take her time to make a banging wrap and have a great conversation with you regardless of the line!" —Brooke Robertson

2. Deena—Market/D-Hub

"Deena!!!! Best human ever." —Katie Lynne Hayden

"Deena from Market is the reason I live." —Keely Bennett

"Deena is always smiling. She always asks how things are going and will chat with me when the line isn't that long! She does a great job, and sometimes the quick conversations we have make my day." —Taryn Koskinski

3. Donna—D-Hall/Hub

"D-hall Donna knows Matt Murphy and I, and all of our roommates by name. If one of us shows up without the typical lunch crew she asks if the rest of us are coming (by name)." —Buddy Harlow

"She's the sweetest lady on campus. I thought about asking her to date functions."—John Bennett

"Donna is a diamond in the rough. The only good thing about a failed experiment*. Donna, oh Donna. Thank you for everything." —Mark Macleod

*In reference to the new D-Hub

4. Gaynelle—E-hall

"Gaynelle from E-hall always says hi, and her smile totally brightens your day." —Kathryn Young

"I could talk about this woman all day...I always ate breakfast at E-hall on Monday mornings and this sweet angel remembered my name and ALWAYS asked me how my classes were going. She truly made the beginning of my school week special! And I mean come on, look at that face!" —Amy Tuell

5. Ruth—Mrs. Greens

 "Ruth for the win." —Jillian Bruno 

6. Starbucks Employees

" I was having the absolute worst day. So I headed to treat Starbucks. I guess they noticed I wasn't "SpongeBob happy," and instead of writing "Sabrina" they wrote "Bae" and were like, have the greatest day, you deserve it." —Sabrina Moreno

7. Eugene—Dukes Sandwich Station

"Sees hundreds of students every day but has remembered me and my sandwich order since freshman year! He's always so freaking happy and it makes my day every time I see him." —Orion Taylor

Whether they're listed here or not, one thing is for sure. JMU dining services, you are what makes our experience that much better. We thank you for all your smiles, and all your grilled cheese artistry.