I'll admit it. When they knocked down D-Hall, I thought that dining options on the quad-side of JMU's campus were done for. If you're like me, waiting in line at SSC is like hell on Earth, and Dukes gives me indigestion. What was a girl to do?

And then, I saw them. Two new gleaming food trucks. Nacho Papi's and Fueled. They were, to put it dramatically, a literal feast for my eyes. Where did they come from? When had JMU gotten so trendy? I set out to find answers.


Gillian Dukoff

So back in the spring, we chatted with Amanda Presgraves, aka the mastermind behind Fueled. Fueled is essentially all organic and locally-sourced food, which is good for our community, the planet, and our bellies. Run by students and made for students, it has swept JMU's campus. 

Oh, and the food? The food is damn good. It's prepared-to-order Asian fusion (which I was kind of confused about as well, but again, it's good). Folks have likened it to if the quinoa bar at SSC was hit with Asian flavors. I'm sold.

Nacho Papi's

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Gillian Dukoff

Like a Chipotle on wheels, Nacho Papi's was the food truck we never thought we deserved on campus. Papi (my pet name for the food truck) is serving up gourmet tacos, nachos, and rice bowls that you can customize with different flavor combos.

I personally like the Mexican flavor combo, which has queso fresca, jalapeños, and other yummy things. Did I mention they also have funnel cake fries? 'Cause they do and they're amazing as well. It's a little bit more of a unique take on the cuisine compared to the fast-casual Mexican options at Duke's and Festival. Papi's goes the extra mile with its flavor combinations, and for that we thank them. 

Dukes, fear not. Though the demolition of D-Hall left us teary-eyed and shellshocked, these two food trucks have slowly begun to mend my broken heart.