New York City has become a place that has every type of workout studio on a block. Between spinning, pilates, yoga, and everything else there is an infinite amount of classes out there to try. On my quest to find the best workouts in NYC, I've tried several classes and loved them but there is one that has stuck out from the others, Y7.

How It All Started

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Photo courtesy of Y7

Y7 Studio was founded by  Sarah Levey and her husband Mason Levey. Sarah, a 28-year-old CEO, and her husband have self-funded the opening their first four studios, bringing hip-hop yoga to NYC, Brooklyn, and LA. 

They now have six studio locations and several class times to choose from, including teacher training program that they offer in studio.

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Photo courtesy of Y7

Y7 Studio is the original hip-hop yoga studio. Okay, now you are thinking what is hip-hop yoga and how is that even possible?

Y7 has taken the traditional yoga class and completely revamped it. They got rid of chanting, slow music, and even lights.

The Lighting

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Photo courtesy of Y7

During every Y7 class, the lights are off and there are only candles for lighting. Levey felt like yoga classes had turned into a place where people go to show off and everyone is always comparing themselves to the person next to them. 

Yoga is about focusing on your breath and your body as you move through poses and not looking at what other people are doing.

Y7 is bringing this focus back by turning off the lights and creating an environment where people don't need to be self-conscious or feel like they are competing with those around them. 

The Music

Now for the hip-hop part. If you are thinking how someone does yoga to hip-hop music, then you need to try this. I have done yoga for many years and would have never guessed that yoga and hip-hop could mesh so well together.

The teachers pick the songs intentionally and you can feel it when you are following a flow, or flowing on your own while also managing to seamlessly jam out to Drake, J. Cole, Big Sean, or any other heart-pumping music that the instructor has chosen. 

#SpoonTip: If you are really into the hip-hop, make sure to go to a #HipHopWednesday or #HipHopSunday class, where each week an artist is chosen and only their music is played at those classes.

The Workout

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Photo courtesy of Y7

So aside from the perfect setting for yoga and amazing music, Y7 is also a great workout obviously. The room is set to between 80-90 degrees so you are guaranteed to sweat. Y7 uses an infrared heating system that heats you from within and is great for detoxing.The instructors come up with great routines that give you options to go further on your own, or just follow the flow.

My personal favorite part of the class is when the instructors tell you to do one of the flows on your own. This allows you to go with the music and not think so much and just let go for a few moments.

Y7 Studio is changing yoga into something that isn't just for the super-intense experts, but also something that is fun, care-free, and open to everyone while maintaining the spiritual elements that yoga is all about. 

I have always liked yoga, but have never been able to get myself super into it. Y7 has completely changed my thoughts on yoga and has made me a person that wants to be going to yoga classes all the time. 

The classes are always inspirational and motivating, but at the same time you feel like you are dancing and rapping the whole time, but when you are done you feel like you just had a great workout and detoxed.

It is the best way to get a workout in, relax, and chill out with some amazing music. 

#SpoonTip: Make sure to check out all of the clothes Y7 sells at its studios.