I know what you might be thinking; why would I want to join something with an eating utensil for a name that I know barely anything about? Well, that's what I'm here for! I am lucky enough to know how awesome and fun Spoon University is, as well as all the reasons why you should join the new Seton Hall chapter. So, that's why I'm can't wait to tell you about our team so you can help us celebrate all things food!

#SpoonTip: To join our band of hungry Pirates, apply here

1. You get to make food, try food, and eat food basically all the time

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Denise Uy

At Spoon University, we love to dabble with food. So, this means you get to eat on the job! Most articles and videos are all about the recipes you try, the restaurants and bakeries that you test out, and the food-related trends that are taking over campus. Bottom line: with us, food is always a yes.

2. You'll become the campus go-to for all the food and drink connections.

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Kelsey Emery

When you join Spoon University, you become the ultimate source for the best eats in town! On-campus or off, you and your team will know what to post about and what to pass on. Whether it's the little corner cafe no one knew about that serves the best cappuccino you've ever tasted or the secret menu item at the smoothie shop—you and your Spoonies will know about it!  

3. You gain some awesome experience and content for your portfolio/resume.

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Denise Uy

Being a part of the Spoon team gives you hands-on, professional experience. You get to write your own articles, take your own pictures, and use them in portfolios and resumes. I mean, what other publication allows you to have easy access to writing your own content, publishing it online, and allowing tons of people to read it and share it all over social media?

4. You'll learn so much about writing, photography, and marketing!

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Becky Hughes

When you join Spoon University, you will have immediate access to skills and resources that teach you all the ins-and-outs of your specific position. You could even take courses related to other positions besides your own, if you'd like!

Every university communicates directly with Spoon HQ, the elite team of Spoon University staff that can lend a hand with all of your questions and concerns. At Spoon, you are never in it alone! We will help you every step of the way so you can learn a lot and feel really confident in what you're doing. 

5. You will have a ton of fun.

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Morgan Nielsen

Spoon is truly an experience you can't find anywhere else. You get to work with the other creators on your team and make great new friends! Bonus: you get the 4-1-1 on the new foods and drinks around the area, which means you'll instantly become the coolest foodie of your friend group! Because after all is said and done, we're just a team of hungry individuals who love taco-topped pizza and the internet just a little too much.

6. Do you really need another reason to join?

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Jocelyn Hsu

I did mention the pizza, didn't I?

When you join Spoon University at Seton Hall, you'll get to learn a lot of incredible new things about food and college life while eating some cupcakes and having so much fun in the process! Apply today here!