It's the newest food video to go viral across Facebook, and this guy is a game changer. Straight out of the Tony Boloney's 2nd location, which is a locally owned pizza shop in New Jersey, this monster is not for the weak-stomached. For their Taco Tuesday special off of their secret menu (which obviously isn't so secret anymore), they put tacos on top of pizza. No, there's no typo, and yes, this is incredibly real. I'm freaking out as much as you are.

The Low-Down

I just want to start off by saying that there's a pizza under here. A whole pile of mozzarella-packed goodness with a carne asada sauce under these bomb-looking tacos. There's no telling how many calories this mammoth is, but judging on its weight alone (30 POUNDS), I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say it's a lot.

After they bake the pizza, which looks fire on its own, they stacK it with a ring of tacos, which to me is more of a halo than anything. Honestly, they could have stopped at this point and it would still be the best thing ever made. But they even take it a step further, and I don't think anyone is ready for it–they add guac and sour cream to the middle. It's chill Friday night and a fiesta in one holy grail of a food. Bonus, you can get this pizza completely vegan, too. 

How To Get It 

If you're in the New Jersey area and your mouth is watering as much as mine, this whole thing could be yours if you're willing to pay the price–it's $75 for a whole pie (pre-orders only) and $10 by the slice, on Tuesdays only. Honestly, it's a mammoth, but could easily feed you and ten of your closest friends. If Venmo does you any good in your college career, it'll be because of this.

This looks crazy good, and you can bet it's been added to my food bucket list and should be on yours too. How often do you get to say that you and your friends wrecked a 30-pound pizza?