Boston is full of Instagram-worthy sweets shops, cozy coffee shops, and laid-back spots to grab a meal. Now, with the opening of Tradesman in Boston's financial district, you can find all three of these under the same roof. 

What's to Drink?

George Thomson

The tell-tale sign of a good coffee shop is the coffee, and Tradesman's offerings certainly hit the spot. Tradesman sources all of its beans from Barrington Coffee Company, which has a location on Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay. 

I tried the gingerbread latte speciality drink, which didn't disappoint. Tradesman also offers a chocolate mint latte, sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. 

Speaking of Sweets...

George Thomson

A visit to Tradesman wouldn't be complete without trying one of their vibrant and delectable homemade croissants. Tradesman currently offers their croissants stuffed with red velvet, fruity pebbles, birthday cake, and Boston creme fillings. The croissant was crispy and tender and the filling struck a heavenly balance between decadence and lightness. My personal favorite? Fruity pebbles. 

If croissants aren't your thing, that's cool too (I guess?). Tradesman also offers homemade pop tarts, including fig, raspberry, and blackberry varieties. The raspberry and blackberry flavors that I tried were both outstanding. Flaky pastry and a generous amount of fruity filling made for a delightful mid-morning treat. 

The Breakfast Sandwich

George Thomson

As a native of the tri-state area, I am a snob when it comes to breakfast sandwiches. I mean, who could argue with bacon-egg-and-cheese on a New Jersey bagel? But, I would be lying if I said that Tradesman's homemade breakfast sandwich didn't absolutely beat any breakfast sandwich that I have ever tasted. The homemade cheddar-chive biscuit was perfectly crisp and the filling was perfect. I definitely envy the employees of Boston's Financial District who can begin each morning with this sandwich. 

The Ambiance

George Thomson

Located inside the Hilton, Tradesman offers a warm and energetic atmosphere that is perfect for catching up with friends over coffee, grabbing lunch with a colleague, or even treating yourself to a cocktail after work. The antique-look of the finishes and woodwork gives the space a charming aesthetic that echoes the historical charm of the Financial District. 

So, next time you have a hungering for delicious pastries, need to refuel on coffee, or are just looking for a place to unwind and reconnect, make sure to check out Tradesman. You may just find your new go-to spot.