Coffee shops are the perfect spot for catching up with friends, people watching, getting work done, or all of the above. It has actually been scientifically proven that the ambiance of coffee shops increases creativity, alertness, and ability to learn. Because Boston is a big college town, students are always on the hunt for a place to get in the zone and power through an essay or problem set. Thankfully, Boston has no shortage of cozy, hidden coffee shops (all with great wifi!) for you to discover when you feel like getting out of the stuffy library or are sick of Starbucks. 

1. Caffe Bene

This place is more than an ordinary café. They have a wide selection of food, from sandwiches to waffles, to huge shaved ice bowls, to gelato. They also have fun drinks including bubble tea and affogato (espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato) and it's a two minute walk from Northeastern University. Better yet, their décor is very artsy and designed to resemble a European café – good vibes all around. 

2. Wired Puppy

Located on my favorite street in Boston – Newbury – Wired Puppy is a great place to refuel after an intense day of shopping. It's also perfect for Northeastern students (a ten-minute walk from campus) looking to get some productive studying done. While they serve up a variety of top notch coffee, they also have some delicious pastries and baked goods. 

3. Pavement Coffeehouse

Pavement has five locations in Downtown Boston and is walking distance from many colleges including Northeastern, Berklee College of Music, and Boston University, making it the perfect study spot. This place is great for breakfast or lunch (I highly recommend the bagel sandwiches) and they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. There are a bunch of outlets so your laptop will never be without power and the calm atmosphere is great for focused work. 

4. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

If you’re looking for a morning off from work, visit one of Tatte’s six locations with friends for brunch on Saturday or Sunday. It's walking distance from  Harvard, MIT, and Boston University, If the weather is warm enough, I would definitely recommend taking a seat outside. Try their Shakshuka (a traditional North African dish with bell peppers, tomatoes, topped with poached eggs, and served with house-made challah bread), but don’t forget to save room for their delicate and delicious pastries. 

5. Fuel America

Fuel is a popular study destination for Boston College students or anyone in the Brighton/Brookline area. They have a huge drink selection and also make some unique sandwiches and toast combination – I recommend ordering the ricotta and honey toast. The large windows up front provide plenty of natural light and a great scenery, especially when it’s snowing. There isn't much parking, so it's better to walk or take the T if you can.   

6. Cafenation

banana, chocolate, almond
Amber Wolf

Cafenation is generally busy on weekends, but a table is definitely worth the wait. You can’t go wrong with any of the fluffy omelets or sweet or savory crepes, plus your food will be made fresh and served to you extremely quickly. While it's not walking distance from any college, there's a bus stop right in front of the cafe.

7. Crema Cafe

Located in the heart of Harvard Square, Crema Café is almost always jam-packed. If you are able to grab a seat, take advantage of it and stay for a few hours to get some solid studying done. Make sure to try one of their cupcakes – two of their bakers made it to the final round of Cupcake Wars with some signature Crema flavors!

8. Flour Bakery + Café

coffee, tea
Laura Bailey

Flour’s motto is “make life sweeter… eat dessert first!” and I couldn’t agree more. If you make it to one of their six Boston locations (walking distance form Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and Boston University), you absolutely have to order their signature warm sticky bun. With lots of window seating, this place is great for people watching while enjoying some delicious food and company. 

9. Caffè Nero

brioche, dough, bun, sweet, croissant, pastry, bread
Amber Wolf

This European coffee house has a great atmosphere –hipster décor, floor to ceiling book shelves, and an extra homey fireplace. Their pastries are always fresh out of the oven (the croissants are my favorite) and they have a variety of seating for studying, chatting, or cozy-ing up with a great book. You could easily walk to one of their eight locations from Emmanuel College, Harvard, or MIT.

10. Render Coffee

Render's friendly staff and sunroom make it the perfect place to study while snacking on some made-to-order sandwiches or baked goods (the quiche is especially popular). Located on Columbus Ave, it's a quick walk for Northeastern students. Voted Best Coffee Shop in Boston in 2014, Render has the best coffee house vibes and each cup of coffee is prepared using the pour-over method, creating the perfect cup every time. 

Next time you find yourself swamped with work, check out any one of these cafes for a day of productivity, high quality caffeine, and delicious study snacks.