If, like me, you're working 9-5 throughout June and July, then after work drinks are an absolute must to help you get into the summer evening mood. So to up your cocktail game, forget Cosmos and Manhattans: Italian drinks are the way to go. 

Below is a list of 7 Italian after-work drinks for different moods, accompanied by a simple recipe for each. If you cannot fly all the way to Italy this summer, then your inner wine mom will bring Italy to you.

1. If you wanna feel refreshed: L'Aperol Spritz

juice, liquor, alcohol, iced tea, beer, cocktail, tea, ice
Marie Chantal Marauta

A summer staple, the Aperol Spritz is made from bubbly Prosecco, the signature Italian drink Aperol (a mix of orange, rhubarb, gentian and cinchona), and soda water, all over ice. It's the ideal drink to sip on after a long day at an office with minimal air conditioning. Get the recipe here

2. If you're feeling fabulous: Il Rossini

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Andrea Leelike

Cosmopolitans are so 2000s. If you've had a good day and feel fabulous AF, raise your pinky and down a divine Rossini. Made from puréed strawberries and chilled champagne (or prosecco), it's a sweet and invigorating drink with which you can treat yourself. Recipe right here

3. If you're feeling peachy: Il Bellini

juice, cocktail
Marie Chantal Marauta

This is my personal favorite and gets me into the summer mood every single time. A mix of puréed fresh peaches and cool champagne or prosecco, the Bellini is perfect for when you're feeling (or would like to feel) elated and bubbly. Lounge back and listen to feel-good tunes for maximum peachy effect

4. If you wanna adult: Prosecco 

Marie Chantal Marauta

If you're not into mixing alcohol (or mixing various fruits and syrups with it), then a simple glass of chilled prosecco is the perfect go-to. Different bars serve different brands, but no matter the label, prosecco's fresh pronounced flavor will give your evening that much-needed extra kick.

5. If you're feeling bitter: L'Americano 

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Marie Chantal Marauta

This iconic cocktail is created with liqueurs typical of the cities of Milan and Turin (Campari and sweet vermouth, respectively), and its bittersweet taste will help you indulge in your sour mood while feeling freaking fabulous. Oh, and apparently it got its name because it was super popular with Americans during prohibition, so drink l'Americano if you wanna feel like a badass.

6. If you wanna get wasted: Il Cardinale

If you've had a rough day and just want to forget the world, down one of these to- temporarily- solve your problems. One glass consists of 2 ounces of gin, 1/2 an ounce of dry vermouth, and 1/2 an ounce of Campari and so rest assured that the first sip will hit you like a ton of bricks.

7. If you wanna get a slight buzz: Il Negroni Sbagliato 

sweet, iced tea, rum, wine, tea, juice, liquor, alcohol, cocktail, ice
Marie Chantal Marauta

A slightly lighter option than the Cardinale, the Negroni Sbagliato is made with a shot of Martini Rosso vermouth, a shot of Campari and two shots of either champagne or Prosecco. It's the perfect drink for if you wanna get a little buzzed but don't like downing hard alcohol, as the bubbles should ease the burn. 

If you're not one for traveling and museums, these drinks present a new way of living a "cultured" summer. Hopefully, their taste will bring you right to an Italian piazza and help you live the dream without paying for an overpriced plane ticket. Now, not only will you be in love with Italian food, but with Italian drinks as well.