As someone who is active and on-the-go, I’m always looking for easy snacks that taste good and will keep me full until I have time for a real meal. I decided to try out One bars to see if they could satisfy a busy girl’s needs. One bars appealed to me because they all contain 20g protein, only 1g sugar, and are gluten free – and they are all around 200-250 calories per bar. They currently have 13 flavors, so I tried out 5 over the course of a week to see if the taste held up to the impressive nutrition facts. 

1. Birthday Cake

Elizabeth Singleton

The first flavor I tried was birthday cake. I ate it on my actual birthday, which made it taste all the more better. Who doesn’t want to have cake for breakfast and get in 20g protein all at once? The flavor was pretty close to that of a Funfetti cupcake, but you could definitely still taste the protein flavor underneath the sweet, cake-y goodness. The festive sprinkles in the coating are flavored naturally with fruit and vegetable extracts, so no artificial food coloring! I ate this before a workout and felt perfectly energized and satiated.

Overall rating: 8/10

2. Cinnamon Roll

Elizabeth Singleton

This bar was probably my favorite of all. The flavor did not taste too fake, like some other protein bars I’ve tried in the past. The texture was on point – not at all crunchy or hard to bite into. The coating tasted just like regular white chocolate, and the filling was the perfect amount of cinnamon flavor without being too overpowering. I wouldn't say it tasted exactly like a cinnamon roll, though the flavor more reminded me of a snickerdoodle cookie covered in white chocolate (and I was definitely a fan).

Overall rating: 9/10

#Spoontip: Top a rice cake with almond butter, granola, cinnamon, apple slices, and pieces of this bar for a delicious fall/winter breakfast you can hold in one hand.

3. Almond Bliss 

Elizabeth Singleton

This was the only bar that really tasted protein-y. It wasn’t as sweet as the other flavors, which may appeal to people who don’t have as big a sweet tooth as me. It was reminiscent of the classic Almond Joy candy bar, just slightly less sweet. They had a pretty strong coconut flavor, so if you’re a big coconut lover, this might appeal to you!

Overall rating: 5/10

#Spoontip: Break this flavor into pieces and crumble this one on top of brownies (or healthier brownies) for almond-coconut-chocolatey goodness with a protein boost.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Elizabeth Singleton

I had high expectations for this one, and it did not disappoint. The chocolate coating on the outside made it feel more indulgent than “healthy.” The inside filling had a pretty mild, cookie dough-like flavor. However, the one thing that would make this better would be pieces of chocolate in the filling to make it more reminiscent of classic chocolate chip cookie dough. I ate this on the way to class, and it helped curb my hunger until lunchtime.

Overall rating: 6/10

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Elizabeth Singleton

I split this bar with my roommate, and we both agreed that the texture was the best part of this one. It was super soft, similar to a brownie. The peanut butter flavor was a bit more understated, which was slightly disappointing for a peanut butter lover like me; I just topped it with more peanut butter to add flavor and healthy fats. With the added peanut butter, this bar was a super filling snack that kept me satisfied until lunchtime.

Overall rating: 7/10

#Spoontip: Crumble this one on top of a chocolate peanut butter smoothie bowl, along with banana, chocolate granola, nuts or other toppings for a delicious chunky monkey smoothie bowl.

Overall, if you are looking for a new protein bar that tastes like dessert, give One Bars a shot! They are filling, healthy, tasty, and quick. The texture of these bars is to die for with a very soft, almost cookie-like consistency that makes them taste that much more indulgent. Be sure to try different flavors to see which one is right for you. They are currently available in many major grocery and health food stores, so check them out when you get the chance.