Insomnia at Georgetown is now open, so the days of venturing into Adams Morgan for Insomnia Cookies are officially over. Okay, so you still might end up at Johnny P's every Thursday night, but this is still life-changing news. 

Insomnia has been improving the lives of college students since 2003. Here's a definitive list of why Insomnia at Georgetown is going to make your life better. 

1. Delivery Until 3 am.

Insomnia honestly deserves all the awards for their delivery service (which costs only $1.99 extra). All cookies are brought straight to your dorm in a heated box, so they're guaranteed to be warm and fresh.

Most delivery orders take about 30-45 minutes, but if you're feeling a little antsy about your delivery status or just impatient for some cookie deliciousness, you can track your order with their online cookie tracker.

2. They Sell Milk, Too. 

Milk and cookies makes the world go round. In all seriousness, though, can we talk about how genius this combination is? I am forever thankful that Seth Berkowitz (Insomnia's founder) respected the fact that nothing is better than a cold glass of milk and a warm cookie. 

3. Deals of the Week. Every Week.

Craving cookies, but not sure if your wallet will forgive you for it? Insomnia's got you covered: every week they have special offers (aka free cookies) that you can find on their homepage.

4. The Cookies Themselves.

Ariana Wu

Insomnia's cookie selection is what dreams are made of. From chocolate chunk to white chocolate macadamia, they've it all. If you're feeling especially daring (or, let's be real, drunk), try out one of their jumbo, Deluxe Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. 

5. The Rest of the Menu is Bomb.

As if the cookies weren't enough, Insomnia also offers ice cream, brownies, and cookiewiches (ice cream cookie sandwiches that are better than Captain Cookie). So no matter what sweet treat you're craving, they've got it

Whether you're sending cookies to Lau or your dorm room, Insomnia's got your back, at least until 3 AM. If Insomnia at Georgetown hasn't saved you from eating yet another Epi quesadilla yet, you are missing out.