The 4th of July isn't just for hot dogs and fireworks, it's to celebrate America's independence. It's a holiday that bonds the land of the free and the people that have fought to keep it that way — Americans are forever thankful. Thus, the best way to celebrate anything is with food and good company. We toast to America over BBQ and corn on the cob with our family and friends. 

But with a family celebration, sometimes things can go a tad wrong. Here is why I am not looking forward to the 4th of July

Intense Food Coma

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Jenny Mun

The mounds of food that is brought on by the 4th of July is indescribable. There is so much food at a family gathering that it is impossible to find a point on where to start and where to end.

The barbecue never stops, there are desserts that can fill a whole village, various salads from families (somehow they all tend to look the same), soda, lemonade, and let’s not even discuss the amount of alcoholic beverages involved.

Once you start eating, it's so hard to stop, and often I feel like my stomach becomes a black hole. Then, right when I think I feel better, an intense food coma sets in. I can’t describe the level of laziness that happens after. The thought of it blurs my mind, and is something I’m not looking forward to. You can tell me to just stop eating when I feel full, but we both know that's nearly impossible when there's apple pie to be eaten!

Family Disputes

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Families come together to celebrate this holiday and more times often than not, there are family antics about embarrassing pasts. Not to mention the family gossip that whirls around the tables. The discussions can go on endlessly and there's drama that I'm just not ready for.

But, what matters most is having your friends and family with you, honoring the soldiers who defended and continue to defend this country.

Honoring Our Soldiers

Stephanie Manley

Everything set aside, 4th of July is about the soldiers who fought for our country and the sacrifices they made during battle. This special day is to honor them and respect them for their long hard fight.

We thank them for their journey and their pride towards this beautiful country. Without our soldiers America wouldn’t be the country it is today. So, we thank all the soldiers and families who are able to be together on 4th of July. We honor them for their duty and gratitude. For that, we thank you.