After earning a degree at Cornell University, Lauren Borowick decided to create a business with her sister, Ali, a graduate from Binghamton University. The two sisters started their company, Fatty Sundays, in early 2010. Fatty Sundays makes gourmet chocolate covered pretzels with a number of different flavors such as toffee and birthday cake. These pretzels are the perfect mix between sweet and salty and are an incredibly delicious treat. 

Madeline Foreman

Our Experience

At the most recent Spoon University meeting at Syracuse University, we had the opportunity to try some of the Fatty Sundays products. I tasted the chocolate pretzels, pretzel bites and chocolate covered matzah. Having heard of this company, but never trying it, I was eager to see what all the hype was about. As soon as I took a bite of the sprinkle-covered chocolate matzah I fell in love. What I loved most about the pretzels was the amount of chocolate on them were perfect--not too much but not too little.

Madeline Foreman

Sending Gifts

Chocolate pretzels are a great treat to send to someone for any occasion. You can send Fatty Sundays from holidays like Passover and Easter to celebrations like graduation and birthdays. Fatty Sundays is sold online at If you want to try their best seller pretzels, they have a best seller box filled with five sprinkle pretzels, five toffee pretzels, five sea salt almond pretzels and five birthday cake. You can also create your own assorted set and specifically choose what flavors you want. In addition to their treats, the two sisters have a blog on their website where they post nearly once a day about their new products and any information about their business.

Madeline Foreman

Last but not least, Fatty Sundays can also make customized pretzels for corporate events. If ordering a corporate favor, you can get a custom label and box that cater to your brand or event. 

Fatty Sundays is my new go to when I need to send a delicious treat to someone. Thank you, Fatty Sundays for making the best chocolate pretzels I have ever had.