Which Holiday Cookie Are You? College Edition

One thing that every college student will say once they’ve first left home, is how much they miss home-cooked meals. I, myself, am no stranger to the University cafeteria, and so, I am the first to say that when I visit home, I go straight to the kitchen! Especially this year, since our semester has been conducted so differently, I cannot wait to dive into some real food. So, naturally, what’s the first thing I’m going to do when I go back to my hometown for holiday break? I’m going to make a MASSIVE batch of Christmas cookies!

The following quiz will decide exactly what holiday cookie you are this holiday season. Based on your responses as a college student, you will ultimately be given the cookie you are destined to be! (Jokes aside, I recommend every one of these treats, so go ahead and try out a recipe of your results!) So, without further ado, Which Holiday Cookie Are You? College Edition.

*Note: Keep track of your answers as you go!

1. You have a final exam in one week. In order to prepare, you…

a. Start cramming NOW, one week is not enough!

b. Review some of your notes and study a little more each day.

c. Study the night before.

d. “Study? I don’t need to study!”

2. You’re all out of instant Mac n Cheese! For dinner, you…

a. Cook a whole meal using only what you have in your dorm.

b. Go out to eat at a restaurant nearby.

c. Eat at the dining hall on campus.

d. "Who needs food?"

3. You wake up late for class. So, you… 

a. Run to class, skip breakfast.

b. Grab an apple and go!

c. Put in a toaster waffle for breakfast.

d. Wait in the Starbucks line, you’re already late anyway!

4. You are given an extra credit assignment. You…

a. Do it! You could always use the grade boost!

b. Do it reluctantly, it could probably help.

c. Don’t do it, that’s a waste of time.

d. “There was extra credit?”

5. One of your professors is giving you a hard time. You… 

a. Kiss up to them because you need a good grade.

b. Try to be kind, it isn’t worth arguing.

c. Ignore them and just do your best.

d. Talk back, you deserve better.

6. You’ve been assigned a ten-page paper. In order to get it finished, you…

a. Do extensive research and take your time to write the perfect essay.

b. Write a mediocre essay just to get the grade.

c. Write a five-page essay instead.

d. Don’t write the essay, that’s too much work.

7. Your floor’s vending machine just stole your dollar. So, you… 

a. Go to a different floor to get what you wanted.

b. Try the same machine again.

c. Walk away without your food.

d. Aggressively shake the machine until something falls out.

8. Your friends ask you to come to the game with them, but you have homework due. You… 

a. Stay back and do your homework because school comes first.

b. Go to the game and do your homework when you get back.

c. Stay back and just take a nap instead.

d. Go to the game, you only live once.

9. All of the laundry machines are taken. You… 

a. Sit and wait for a machine to open up.

b. Come back later.

c. Take someone’s laundry out so you can put yours in.

d. “I haven’t done laundry in weeks.”

10. It is time to go home for the holidays. You are feeling…

a. Excited to go home to see family and friends.

b. Ready to take a nice break from school.

c. Reluctant to leave- college is a lot of fun.

d. “You’re going to have to drag me the whole way home.” 


Mostly A’s - Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you selected mostly A’s, you are a chocolate chip cookie! This means that you are likely a type-A kind of student, (see what I did there?) and you put your school work at top priority! Chocolate chip cookie people are hard-working and dedicated, but often stubborn as well. (Recipe here)

cookie, chocolate, goody, sweet, cake, pastry, chocolate cookie, candy
Scott Harrington

Mostly B’s - Sugar Cookie

If you selected mostly B’s, you are a sugar cookie! This means that you are likely a good student, but still like to have a good time when it is appropriate. Sugar cookie people are not only optimistic and friendly, but they also care deeply about their many priorities. Congratulations, you’re my favorite kind of cookie! (Recipe here)

chocolate, cake, sprinkles, cookie, cream
Grace King

Mostly C’s - Snickerdoodle

If you selected mostly C’s, you are a snickerdoodle cookie! This means that you are likely very laid back and relaxed when it comes to school, but still manage to get by with semi-good grades. Snickerdoodles tend to have the most fun with their college experience. (Recipe here)

sweet, bread, cake, biscuits, pastry, cookie, butter, dairy product, pancake
Jocelyn Hsu

Mostly D’s - Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

If you selected mostly D’s, you are an oatmeal raisin cookie! This means that you are likely a very easy-going and care-free kind of student. Grades aren’t very important to you, and you simply want to have fun. Oatmeal Raisin people are big-time partiers and love to spend time with friends. (Recipe here).

sweet, pastry, cake, cookie, chocolate, goody, scone
Spoon Csu

For more holiday cookie recipes to share and swap with friends, click here. For more quizzes based on your food preferences, check out this article or this one. And if you’re interested, please check out my last article: Candy Corn is Cancelled. As always, make sure to share this article with friends! Thanks for reading!

- Sarah