It's 2017 and with season 14 (!!) just days away, if Grey's Anatomy hasn't stolen your heart, you need to get on board already. For all of the fans out, each and every character holds a special place in our hearts, no matter what fate Shonda subjected them to. In fact, we know them so well, we know their favorite foods. In case you're not a super fan like me and don't already know this, here's what Grey's Anatomy character you really are, based on your favorite foods. 

Past and present Grey's characters included, but if you're not caught up yet, proceed at your own risk.

Apples & Potato Chips - Cristina Yang

If you're always on the hunt for a quick, portable snack, you're a Christina.

The legendary Yang is obviously always "go go go" in GSM, but when she occasionally takes a breather, she's chomping down on one of two things. First, it's usually always an apple, which is a good thing because apples have fiber to keep you full, and some natural sugar for energy for those long hours. On the other hand, it's also often a bag of potato chips. That she probably stole from someone. Most likely an intern. Hey, fuel is fuel.

Fish- Derek Shepard 

If you love fish (or catching your own food?), you're like Derek.

We all know Derek loves his trailer, the land, and being around nature, and loves the simple life, despite being a world renowned neurosurgeon. His favorite hobby is fishing. He goes camping & fishing with the guys in season 3 (that didn't end too well) and later takes Cristina fishing when she has her freak outs about the OR. Let's take a moment and remember how uncomfortable Addison was for the brief time she had to live with him in all that "nature".

Pizza - Alex Karev

In typical guy form, Alex doesn't cook. In fact, I swear he is always eating cold pizza for breakfast, too. 

Fried Chicken - Jo Wilson

If you love indulgent food & fast food, you're just like Jo.

We all know that Jo, like Alex, didn't have the best upbringing (and also like Alex, this girl likes food and can seriously put down food). But, she got her life together all by herself, and managed to become valedictorian of her high school while living out of her car.

So, the year Dr. Webber was in the hospital on Thanksgiving after being electrocuted, she had the best idea to have a Fried Chicken dinner, stating that it was comforting and what she grew up on, considering her situation. 

Lasagna - Maggie Pierce

If you live for mom's lasagna, you're a Maggie.

When Maggie's mom was visiting, one of the things she was most looking forward too was her moms food, especially her legendary lasagna. Sadly she wasn't able to enjoy it for long as her mom fell sick, but it reminded her of her family & her childhood, growing up. Later she tried to remake it... emphasis on the try

Candy, Candy, Candy - Lexi Grey

If you tend to stress eat with sweets, you're just like Lexi.

So, Lexi tends to stress eat. A LOT. When her and Meredith weren't getting along? When Derek & Mark were fighting? When she wasn't over Mark but couldn't tell him? All the snack cakes and chocolates. Mark even told Jackson to bribe her with chocolate peanut butter cups, but that clearly backfired on him.

Chinese Takeout - Jackson Avery

If you don't cook and love your Chinese, you're just like Jackson (or if you have those eyes!).

Jackson may have come from a very wealthy family, and be used to fancy dinners with a steak and wine and what not, but he is also a man who comes from a family where most everything was done from him. Now that he is living a busy life on his own, he doesn't cook much. We even see that when him and April split, he basically lived off of Chinese takeout.

Muffins & Baked Goods - Izzie Stevens 

If you're favorite past time is making (& eating) some homemade muffins, you're just like Izzie.

Izzie does love to eat healthy, but she's also the sweetest woman and loves everything homemade. She loves baking for fun, and it's also her therapy. She once went through many batches trying to make her mom's perfect cupcakes. And, let us not forget the dozens, dozens, of muffins she made after Denny. RIP... I hope they all were eaten.

Casserole - April Kepner

If you're a Southerner or farm girl, then you're an April Kepner.

This girl grew up on a farm with a big family and has true Southern hospitality... even though she's from Ohio. Anyways, April is known as the (best? only?) cook of the group. She keeps several containers of Tupperware meal prepped & stored in the hospital fridge, which usually end up eaten by Yang or Karev. She even comes to the rescue of Mer's failed dinner party, whipping up a feast for all of the attendings out of quite literally, nothing.

Duck - Richard Webber

If you cherish that one special meal out, you're Chief Webber.

At Seattle Grace Mercy West, there was a tradition Webber held for all of the "graduating" residents: The Resident's Dinner. While most didn't seem to care too much, Webber could not stop raving about the amazing duck in store for them at night, with the perfect crispy skin, wine, and ambiance. Unfortunately, most of the residents weren't able to experience it, due to unforseen events (ahem, Shonda), so the memory may have been slightly ruined for him. 

Cereal - Christina Yang

Yes, Yang again.

If the only meal you can (usually) make for yourself is cereal, you're definitely Christina.

At Mer's house, her own apartment, or Owen's if someone else isn't making food for her, she's surviving off of a box for dinner. Like that one time her & Owen were fighting, and she ate cereal while he threw a dinner party. Yeah, she's tough.

Tequila - Meredith Grey

And last but not least, Meredith Grey. Does this girl ever eat? We know from when Derek pratically lived there her intern year she barely ate breakfast. And from when Lexi stayed the night, the first time, Mer can't even cook eggs. So, this girl drinks tequila like there's no tomorrow. And that's why we love her.

And Cristina. They are the twisted sisters, after all.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I'm a Meredith. My nickname is actually Tequila Priya.