We all have that one friend that gives stellar advice. They help you with everything, from constructing the perfect text to helping you decide what to do when you realize you hate your major. They're also there with a shoulder to cry on and a pint of ice cream when you need it. Basically, they rock. But which type of friend are you and how do you contribute to your dream team? Tell us your favorite Halo Top ice cream flavor and we'll tell you which friend you are in your group.

Birthday Cake: The Party Animal

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Sarah Arora

Birthday Cake-flavored Halo Top combines the wonders of cake and ice cream into a healthier bite. Of course, it's also perfect for those who just wanna get lit on the weekend, or any day really. You've definitely quoted that one Adam Sandler move and said, "Let's get chocolate wasted!"

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: The Busy Bee

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has a lot going on with the vanilla base, soft cookie dough, and milk chocolate. This one is for the friend who never has time to hang out because they have way too much on their plate. 

Chocolate Mocha Chip: The Basic B*tch

This is the flavor for that friend who orders a Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot, soy milk, Splenda, and a dash of cinnamon. Aren't we all a little basic, though? After all, this is Halo Top we're talking about. 

Lemon Cake: The Health Nut

Lemons are known to serve many health benefits, so naturally, Lemon Cake-flavored Halo Top is for that one friend who lives at the gym and is always on a diet. This flavor of Halo Top is also one of the lowest in calorie, so that's a bonus. 

Mint Chip: The Mooch

This is for that friend who says "I owe you" every single time and proceeds to mooch off other people in the group. The green color of the mint ice cream is a reminder for them to bring a couple of bucks the next time y'all go to Starbucks. But it's useless because they'll probably forget anyway. (Hey mooch, this is your hint). 

Oatmeal Cookie: The Mom

Oatmeal cookies are warm, sweet, and friendly, just like your mom. We all love that one friend who always volunteers to DD, cheers you up if you're sad, acts as your biggest fan, and always makes sure everyone in the group is OK. Thanks, mom! 

Rainbow Swirl: The Comic Relief

Rainbow Swirl is one of the seven new Halo Top flavors. This colorful masterpiece is for the clown of the group. We should always be thankful for the friend who knows how to make everyone in the group laugh, even in the most serious situations.  

Red Velvet Cake: The Flirt

Red is the color of love, and red velvet Halo Top seems somewhat romantic, right? It perfectly fits the flirt of the group. This friend is a good wing-person, so be sure keep him or her around. 

Sea Salt Caramel: The Overachiever

Sea Salt Caramel is an overachiever of all flavors. How could something be so sweet and also a bit salty and so perfect? This one's for that friend who always goes above and beyond to achieve excellence. 

S'mores: The Absolute Mess

Everyone enjoys a good s'more, but this flavor is reserved for that one friend who never seems to have his or her sh*t together. Just like your friend, s'mores are messy, but also fun and sweet. 

Through the good and the bad, everyone plays a pivotal part in their friend group. But special props to the mom of the group for always bringing the Halo Top.