Remember coming home from elementary school on a Friday and binge watching "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays?" It was such a relief to ditch your math book, grab your favorite snack and head for a front row seat in front of the TV. Childhood was a simpler time, and a nostalgic memory wouldn't be complete without food.

Now you can relive that nostalgia by recreating your favorite childhood snacks with these five recipes. Start your Netflix stream, get that pillow fort set up, and let's get started!

1) Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

tomato, cheese
Elyse Belarge

Let's get this blast from the past started with a classic grilled cheese. This is ultimate comfort food when paired with a bowl of creamy tomato soup. Perfect to have after a test day or on a sick day while watching Timon and Pumba, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, or Dexter's Laboratory. 

2) Lucky Charm Cookie Sandwich

cake, chocolate, cookie, cupcake
Liza Keller

This one's a new twist on one of our favorite sugary cereals. Just looking at these beauties screams childhood. Waking up on Saturday meant eating your favorite cereal as you watched Saturday morning cartoons like Darkwing Duck, Animaniacs, Johnny Bravo, and The Rugrats. Sugar cookies, lucky charms, and marshmallow fluff. Talk about channeling your inner child.

3) Dunkaroos

cream, sweet, milk, dairy product, chocolate, candy, cake, pudding
Kristi Cook

If you brought in Dunkaroos, it automatically made you the coolest kid at the lunch table. This was the ultimate snack of your childhood. What elementary kid (or anyone for that matter) didn't want graham crackers with dippa frosting? This sugar high snack was ideal to have while watching shows like 101 Dalmation Series, The Powerpuff Girls, and Hey Arnold!

4) Chicken Nuggets

peanut, chicken, peanut butter, chocolate
Brian Cleary

What childhood list wouldn't be complete without chicken nuggets? These tasty snacks are simple yet appetizing, and can even pass as an actual meal. A little ketchup on the side would suffice, but sprinkling on some parmesan cheese would kick it up a notch. You can pop these bite-sized morsels into your mouth as you watch action-packed shows like Gargoyles and X-men.

5) Pizza Bites

pizza, bacon, pepperoni, cheese, dough
Katie Cruz

Pizza is the craving, and these bite-sized pieces make it easy to down an entire pan in one sitting in about the time it'd take to watch an episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Bobby's World. Thanks to the magic of crescent rolls, making pizza is much easier than before, not to mention all of the ways you can add your own creative touch. 

Thanks to the wonders of Netflix and Youtube, you can relive your childhood favorites. Pair your favorite cartoon with these snacks, and let the reminiscing begin.