Season 21 of The Bachelor has been especially eventful. With a bachelor returning for his fourth season, several unexpected eliminations, and a contestant with a nanny, viewers are bound to be tuning in every Monday with their eyes locked on the screen.

So while you're on commercial break, sit down, grab a glass of your favorite drink, and find out which Bachelor contestant you are based on your drink of choice.

Raven: Champagne

Champagne is bubbly and sugary, just like Raven’s southern-sweet personality. Also, she’s apparently a terrible cook, making champagne the perfect option to wash down a rather—how should I say—unappealing meal.

Danielle M: Moscato

A Harry Potter fan (specifically a Hermione Granger fan) deserves a glass of moscato. Danielle’s low-key, yet friendly personality matches well with moscato’s low alcohol content yet noticeably sweet taste.

Kristina: Red Wine

Kristina came into the competition as a slight mystery but with a whole lot of substance, just like red wine. Red wine is an acquired taste. As you drink it more and get to know it a little better each time, you appreciate its full flavor by the end.

Rachel: Martini

A lawyer, a lover of dancing, and an art enthusiast, Rachel equates to the classiness of a martini. She is straight to the point and hardworking, knows exactly what she wants in life and is not afraid of getting it.

Vanessa: Pinot Grigio

I think everyone watching the show applauded when Vanessa completely shamed Nick for straddling Corinne in a pink bouncy castle. Therefore, Vanessa can compare to a pinot grigio. Just like its flavor, she likes to keep conversations crisp and her one-on-one times with Nick refreshing.

Corinne: Tequila

What can I say? Her life’s a bit flamboyant. She is a “multimillion-dollar business owner,” has a nanny, and thinks of her credit card as a lifeline. If you enjoy tequila, you’re like Corinne—someone who draws attention, lives life on the wild side, and wants a good time whether it be napping at a rose ceremony or jumping around in a bouncy castle.

So which The Bachelor contestant do you compare with the most based on you drink?