Have you ever found yourself standing in the wine aisle at the supermarket, looking at the rows and rows of different wines, and realizing you have no idea what you want to drink? Never fear – let the stars be your guide. After all, there’s nothing more reliable than your horoscope, right?

Aries (March 21st – April 20th): Malbec


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For most people, Malbec isn’t exactly their number one choice when it comes to red wine. It’s often overlooked for a safer, more traditional choice. This makes it perfect for an Aries, who’s always down to try new things and tends to be very adventurous.

Malbec also has a little bit of an intimidation factor, which an Aries can appreciate as they’re considered the most intimidating of all the signs. The bold and intense taste of Malbec will make sure that Aries finally meets their match.

#SpoonTip: Malbec goes great with Mexican food, so feel free to make a Chipotle run. 

Taurus (April 21st – May 21st): Chardonnay


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Taurus is known as the most sensual and inviting of the signs while Chardonnay is adored for its rich and velvety taste. The buttery, soothing taste of Chardonnay is sure to please any Taurus. Additionally, Chardonnay is very easy to pair and can get along with a wide range of flavors.

Since Taurus traditionally values reliability, Chardonnay would be an easy choice. Taurus is also known as being the most ambitious of the signs, so they can dream of working their way up from Cupcake to French imports.

#SpoonTip: Take your night in from chill to classy by simply pairing your wine with cheese.

Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st): Cabernet


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Cabernet is the most popular choice when it comes to red wine, making it a perfect match for a Gemini. Gemini is considered the most outgoing, extroverted of the signs and is often surrounded by big groups of friends. Cabernet is also very complex and has many layers, similar to the intricate workings of the Gemini’s dual personality. The lively taste of Cabernet is certain to entice a Gemini’s lively personality, and the varying levels of intensity or sweetness offer a perfect pairing to the opposing forces of the twins.

#SpoonTip: Take the awesomeness of Cabernet one step further by getting it as an ice cream.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd): Pink Moscato


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Pink Moscato is very sweet and light, similar to a Cancer’s demeanor. They are also known for being the most maternal, caring, and domestic of the signs. Pink Moscato is a classic choice for many people seeking a traditional, delicious flavor. Cancers value tradition and are certain to appreciate the classic, unrivaled taste of pink Moscato. The soothing, comforting flavor of the sweet wine is a beloved favorite by many, just as many people flock to a Cancer for their gentle, kind personality.

#SpoonTip: Pair your wine with homemade Dunkaroos to relive your glory days in the 90s.

Leo (July 23rd – August 21st): Merlot


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Merlot has a rich, noble taste, similar to a Leo’s noble and refined demeanor. As one of the most respected and well-loved red wines, Leos are certain to appreciate its value, as Leos are known for valuing respect and attention. Merlot tastes very smooth, meaning that the charming Leo may have finally met its match. As far as red wines go, Merlot is the most approachable and familiar for many people, while Leos are the warmest and most welcoming of the signs.

#SpoonTip: Make your red even more delicious with these boozy strawberries.

Virgo (August 22nd – September 23rd): Rosé


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For many people who are more likely to drift to a more traditional sweet wine, Rosé is often overlooked and its vivid taste can often come as a surprise. Similarly, Virgos are very subtle and modest, so their ingenuity and energy are a pleasant surprise to those around them. Rosé has a sophisticated and smart taste, just like a Virgo’s personality. Rosé can also be used to make a variety of different drinks, giving it a sense of practicality that a Virgo will certainly value.

Libra (September 23rd – October 23rd): Riesling


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In comparison to its other white wine counterparts, Riesling has the sweetest and refined taste, similar to a Libra’s cultured and intellectual personality. To fulfill Libra’s desire for balance, Riesling offers the perfect blend of acidic and sweet flavors. Additionally, Riesling was historically the choice of many European noble families, making it perfect for Libras who are known for striving for high social standing and have a strong appreciation for culture.

Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd): Pinot Noir


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Similar to a Scorpio, Pinot Noir is known for its dark and intense flavoring. Pinot Noir is considered the strongest and most elegant of the red wine family, just as Scorpios are known for their strength and prestige. The taste of Pinot Noir can be subtle and a bit deceptive, meaning a Scorpio’s shady nature will finally meet its match. Pinot Noir also has a variety of dynamic flavors that can pair well with almost anything (even BBQ chips), making it a perfect match for Scorpio’s own versatile and reliable nature.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 22nd): Pinot Grigio


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Pinot Grigio is a perfect, cool summer wine which will attract a Sagittarius as a finisher for their adventures. The taste of Pinot Grigio is very refreshing and light, similar to a Sagittarius’s upbeat, intuitive demeanor. Pinot Grigio is also known for its well-rounded taste, just as Sagittarius is known for being the most versatile of the signs. Additionally, a Sagittarius’s frank and to-the-point nature means they’re certain to appreciate the dry, crisp taste for which Pinot Grigio is known.

#SpoonTip: Pair your wine with Ben and Jerry’s to treat yo self even more.

Capricorn (December 23rd – January 20th): Sauvignon Blanc


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Capricorns have long been heralded as the most determined, which means they’re certain to appreciate the prominent, defined taste of Sauvignon Blanc. Capricorns are known to value practicality and efficiency, so they will naturally gravitate towards Sauvignon Blanc’s low prices and the ease with which it pairs. Additionally, Sauvignon Blanc is an old, respected brand of white wine, which makes it perfect for a Capricorn’s traditional, old-fashioned nature.

#SpoonTip: Craving cheese but on a budget? Don’t worry. String cheese goes great with Sauvignon Blanc.

Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th): Red Moscato


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Red Moscato puts a twist on traditional Moscato flavors that’s certain to attract the attention of an Aquarius’s unique and imaginative personality. Similar to the sweet and soothing taste of red Moscato, an Aquarius is known for their kind and affectionate nature.

Both red Moscato and an Aquarius are lively, energetic, and bring a good time with them wherever they go. Additionally, red Moscato is viewed as the most out-of-the-box flavor of Moscato, meaning that an Aquarius’s curiosity is certain to draw it to this unique wine.

#SpoonTip: Make your red Moscato even more unique by trying this margarita recipe.

Pisces (February 20th – March 20th): Moscato


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Considered the most compassionate and sensitive of the signs, a Pisces will find the perfect partner in the sweet and light flavors of Moscato. Moscato is known for its rousing flavor while Pisces are known for their intuitive nature and for having more than meets the eye below the surface.

Additionally, Pisces are easygoing and dependable, making it easy for them to get along with many different people. Similarly, Moscato is a very popular wine (it even has its own holiday!) which is adored by many people, and it pairs easily with a variety of different food.