For all the new kids on the block, this is an essential list of places you need to know that deliver late night grub around Bryant.

You'll have options of pizza, fried rav, Chinese or even Thai food. This might be one of the most important articles to save because I know I'm always searching for phone numbers and it takes away from the time I could be shoving cheese fries down my throat. If you know of any other places that deliver late night hit a women up because I would LOVE to try them. Aka an excuse for me to eat. 


pizza, mozzarella, crust, cheese
Jessica Heckman

There's nothing better than a pizza place right on campus am I right? And you get you use your dining dollars (good luck finding money to do your laundry in a few weeks).


Thai Cafe

sauce, ramen, pork
Jessica Heckman

Open until 11 pm, Thai cafe has some great dishes for a late night meal and huge portions. I highly recommend the chicken pad Thai. 


Manville Pizza

pumpkin, sweet, chicken, cheese
Hannah Linn

They're open until 4 am literally everyday, even holidays. Manville is the latest open place for Bryant students to get their late night snacking on. If you don't get their fried ravs then your doing it wrong. 


Tin Tsin 

seafood, rice, shrimp, fish, vegetable, meat, prawn
Joshua Mora

Tin Tsin is open until 11 pm so you have all night to order your General Tso's chicken or fried rice. When you don't finish the rice, you can eat it for breakfast. (Don't act like you've never done it, we all have.) 


Golden City 

broccoli, beef, meat, sauce, pork
Rebecca Carroll

They're not open as late as Tin Tsin, but Golden City is still a good option when you're in the mood for Chinese. Make sure you order before 10:30 pm to make the cut off.  



pizza, sauce, mozzarella, crust, cheese, dough, pepperoni, tomato, meat
Haley Rudin

Always a favorite cause you can never go wrong with a classic—mostly because they're cheap and usually have coupons. And who doesn't love stuffed cheesy bread. 


Papa's Roast Beef

pizza, mozzarella, dough, cheese, bread
Haley Rudin

I've never personally ordered from Papa's, but I've heard their calzones are DANK. So if you're going to order some night, you should hit me up. Like seriously, message me on Facebook. I'll be hungry.