At this point, I'm pretty sure every day is a different food holiday. Not that I'm complaining—it seems like every holiday brings a different deal (and sometimes freebies!). Next up is National Pizza Day, Feb. 9. Here's where you can get tomorrow's 'za on the cheap with National Pizza Day deals. 

Papa John's 

Papa John's is celebrating National Pizza Day all month long. From now until Mar. 5, you can get a large or pan crust Dual Layer Pepperoni pizza for only $10. 

Whole Foods

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods

Made with real, whole ingredients, Whole Foods is selling their own take-and-bake pizzas in stores for $9.99. Pick up a large pepperoni and cheese, sausage and peppers, goat cheese and pesto, and spinach and mushroom (while supplies last).

California Pizza Kitchen

Still on that New Year's Resolution diet? You go Glen Coco! Stick to your low-carb thing and try CPK's new cauliflower crust at no additional charge when you order a pizza. After tomorrow, it will cost $2.50 to switch the crusts. 


For a limited time, Domino's is offering two or more select items for only $5.99 each. Items include a medium two-topping pizza, boneless wings, cheesy bread, salads, pastas, sandwiches, bread twists, and the marbled cookie brownie. This is deal, because normally all this stuff adds up. Trust me, I would know. 


Sign up for Giordano's G-Club and get 20 percent off online orders tomorrow. Rumor has it, you can also use promo code "deepdish" for $5 off $25 or more at participating locations. 

Round Table Pizza

Stop in to any participating Round Table location and purchase a Pepsi fountain drink between 2 and 5 pm tomorrow, and get a ~free~ personal pizza. Free is good. No, actually, free is great. 

Pizza Hut

If you're a Hut Rewards member, treat yourself to 30 percent off all pizzas tomorrow. And for a limited time (to celebrate V-Day or just your love of pizza), get a heart-shaped pizza with all the toppings that you want.

Baskin Robbins

OK, so you can't get yourself a traditional pizza here. But, you can get a free sample of Baskin Robbins Polar Pizza tomorrow from 3-7 pm in store. This pizza is piled high with ice cream, brownie fudge pieces, marshmallow topping, sprinkles, all on a double-fudge brownie crust. 

Be smart about celebrating National Pizza Day tomorrow; don't just hit up one spot, hit up a few. Pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert—the possibilities (and the leftovers) are endless.