Almond milk is just one of many non-dairy milks that has seemingly taken the world by storm.  Some people drink it for health benefits, while others prefer it for personal reasons.  I drink it for a mix of both reasons.  However, as I have been drinking more of this nutty beverage (hello almond milk lattes), I have realized its taking a toll on my wallet.  

While most coffee shops and chains offer non-dairy alternatives, nearly all of them come at an additional charge (on top of those extra shots or pumps you might add). Due to these extra charges, I've decided to put coffee chains to the test: who has the cheapest and best almond milk latte?

I ordered a small vanilla or hazelnut latte with almond milk at each chain - here's what I found out. 


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Allie Hicks

Starbucks is relatively new to the almond milk game.  When they added it as a non-dairy option alongside coconut and soy milks, the coffee company decided to offer their own special blend.  Upgrading to almond milk at Starbucks will only cost you an extra $0.60, but is worth the price.  A tall hazelnut iced almond milk latte will only cost you $4.62 on mobile order and pay.  Save an extra $0.10 by bringing your own mug. Overall not a bad price, and definitely my go-to latte for those killer study sessions.

Added bonus - almond milk is actually the healthiest choice at Starbucks.

The Roasterie 

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Allie Hicks

The Roasterie is local to the Kansas City area, but a must try for anyone who visits.  All their coffee is air roasted the same day it's brewed, which really improves the taste and quality. However, the charge to add almond milk is $0.99! This brought my hazelnut latte's total up to $5.04, with a 10% discount because I toured the factory (which is worth checking out, and free!). Without that discount, my drink would have been closer to $6, and I'd be better off making my own milk.  

Dunkin' Donuts

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Allie Hicks

Dunkin' Donuts has really been expanding their menu and product when it comes to coffee. Just recently they started selling bottled ice coffee and the chain always seems to have some new flavors, like butter pecan or coconut cream pie. In all their expanding, they've added almond milk to the mix, for the low price of $0.50. I ordered a small french vanilla latte with almond milk, which only cost me $3.09 (plus tax). Not a bad deal, but a small at Dunkin' in is only 10oz, compared to 12oz at most other retailers. Dunkin's almond milk latte was smooth and creamy, but the vanilla was a little too sweet for my taste.  All in all, it was worth the price. 

Scooter's Coffee

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Allie Hicks

Scooters Coffee has been around for a while, but has really grown the past year or so. They've just about outnumbered Starbucks, and since I pass one daily on the way to school, I decided to stop in and put them to the test. They serve the coffee shop basics, but do boast a candy bar latte, which just sounds amazing. I went for a standard iced vanilla latte (with almond milk!). While the charge for almond milk was not posted, my total was $4.64. I'd say it was worth the price, it wasn't too sweet and the espresso wasn't too overpowering. Definitely check out a Scooter's if you haven't already.   

Caribou Coffee

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Allie Hicks

While not a nationwide chain, Caribou Coffee is spread out across 15 states and is commonly found in grocery stores.  They have a fairly extensive menu, currently boasting a cereal milk coffeeless cooler for the child in us all.  I ordered my standard iced latte only to find out that almond milk is an additional $0.80, bringing my drink total to $5.23. While this is definitely more expensive, a small iced beverage at Caribou is 16oz, compared to a small hot beverage, which is 12oz.  You can also save an extra $0.10 by correctly answering the daily trivia question.

Overall, Dunkin' Donuts offers the cheapest small almond milk latte, but by no means am I saying it's the best.  I only compared a few chains, but local shops are a great place to grab a drink (and support your community).  Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to determining who has the best coffee.