You just got out of an event from Sadler and you're starving. You look at your phone, and low and behold it's 2 am. You know that Late-Night and the Student Exchange are closed so you and your friends stand there wondering where you are going to eat. Even though Williamsburg isn't well known for its late-night food selections, here is a list of your 24-hour munching options.


The classic American diner. If you're feeling some All-American food, or the sky is pitch black, head over to Denny's. You can never go wrong with some bacon and eggs late at night.


If there is one place that every college student can depend on being open 24/7, it's IHOP. The International House of Pancakes never fails to satisfy a group of people who just want to sit down and have a late-night (or in some cases an extremely early morning) meal. It is the go-to restaurant for sports teams, academic teams, and just about any team late at night or early in the day.I mean who doesn't enjoy a Big Steak Omelette at 3 am.


This is probably the only convenience store in the area that is actually convenient. If you just got out of your study group in the ISC and your stomach is talking, where do you go? Wawa. If you just wandered away from a party with a group of friends and are craving a milkshake, where do you go? Wawa. If it's the middle of the week and you just need to take a walk around Colonial Williamsburg but you want to get a nice Turkey Sandwich beforehand, where do you go? Wawa. 

Wawa has all your needs and wants for any late night. There is not a single Friday night where Wawa isn't crowded with rambunctious party goers or students pulling late night shenanigans.