Everyone has different preferences when it comes to eating out, or in this case, eating in the dining hall. Whether it's your parents, your Italian grandparents, your picky younger sibling, or your adventurous eater BFF, everyone who visits wants to eat something different.

Thankfully, Michigan State has food options for every person and every diet. The on-campus dining halls (in order of my favorite to least favorite) are Brody, Case, Shaw, Landon, Akers, Sny-Phi, Wilson, Holden, Riverwalk Market at Owen, and Holmes. Here's where you should take every kind of visitor.

For Potential Students: Brody

soup, cheese
Ellie Haun

Show potential college students what college caf food is like at its finest. From pizza to pasta to sandwiches to burgers to an extensive salad bar, Brody has options for everyone. Take someone here to get them excited about Michigan State and all it has to offer. Brody is a good option for big groups because it's the largest non-military caf in the USA!

For Carb Lovers: Case

cheese, meat, grilled cheese sandwich, toast, bread
Mira Young

Case is the place to go after sports games, since many of the stadiums are near it. And what's the best thing to eat after watching or playing sports? Carbs of course! Case has all-you-can-eat French fries, burgers, pizza, and rice. They also always have some gourmet meat for dinner, as well as a salad bar and a vegetarian or vegan option at "Veg Out" for greener eaters. 

For Vegetarians and Vegans: Shaw

cheese, zucchini
Ellie Haun

Shaw is the place to go for those interested in ethnic dishes, most of which can be made meat-free. Shaw has a "Main Street" station full of homestyle American favorites, but they also have a "Garden Wok" station with many vegetarian options like hummus and customizable stir-fry. Shaw's caf has a lot of seating, so it's also great for larger groups.

For the Parents: Landon

hummus, tomato, vegetable
Ellie Haun

Landon is known for its healthier homestyle food. They always have some sort of quintessential "family dinner" meal with meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. These are the stereotypically "home-cooked" meals you grew up with. Take your parents to Landon and show them that you can still eat well at college. Plus, the dining hall looks straight out of Hogwarts complete with bookshelves and comfy chairs.

For Night-Owl Friends: Akers

pizza, pepperoni, crust, mozzarella, dough, cheese, salami, tomato, sauce
Amy Yi

Akers isn't known for much, but it IS known for having late-night, greasy drunchies and comfort food from 8 pm to midnight. Take your greaseball-loving friends here for pizza, fries, cereal, and other late night snacks.

Sick of on-campus food? Try a restaurant on Grand River!

stir-fry, broccoli, chicken, tofu
Ellie Haun

Take your friends to Noodles & Company for dinner because it's quick, cheap, and yummy (check out their Pad Thai pictured above). If you take your friends out to a party, stop on the way home for late night munchies at Lotsa Pizza for a personal pizza, Cottage Inn Pizza for slices to share, Conrad's for carbs, or McDonald's because sometimes you just need fries at 4 am.

Take your significant other to Sushi Ya for sushi with salad and miso soup. Or take them to the MSU Dairy Store for a cute ice cream date. The green Sesquicentennial Swirl is the best.

chocolate, cream, ice cream, ice
Pimpak Phokrachang

Take your parents to Hopcat for burgers (like this one with mushrooms) and their famous "crack" fries. 

Laura McMann

Hopefully your visitors have a great, delicious time at MSU. How could they not when there are so many fun food options to try both on and off campus?