Michigan State offers an unlimited meal plan to students living on campus which means you’ll never go hungry (unless you’re lazy like me and refuse to walk the short distance to the caf until your roommate makes you). You get to know the dining halls quite personally since you spend a good chunk of time eating there or just hanging out doing homework while being surrounded by food. It’s definitely a must to eat at all of the cafs before you graduate. Each dining hall has a slightly different personality. Which of the five main dining halls do you relate to?

  1. What does your typical weekend look like?

  2. What is your favorite color?

  3. Do you watch the Bachelor?

  4. Which Disney film is your favorite?

  5. If you could go to any university (that wasn't MSU) where would you go?

  6. Which trait is your personality weakness?

  7. Which celebrity do you relate to?