You know that grumpy food critic in Ratatouille whose only motivation to wake up in the morning is food? Yeah, that's me. I am Anton Ego, and food makes my icy-cold heart melt a little bit and sometimes even puts a smile on my face.

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As Anton Ego put it so eloquently, I don't like food, I love it, and to suggest otherwise is an insult. My love for food is so deep and so pure that the main topic for my Common App essay was all about my love for food. It was a pretty great essay if I do say so myself. It had a killer allusion to "The Lord of the Rings" with my mention of Second Breakfasts. I also compared baby Maya to a sumo wrestler. I'm aware my essay sounds kind of frivolous and dumb, but I somehow got into several colleges including the one and only Michigan State University, so my essay must have not been that awful.

When I stepped onto the Michigan State campus as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman, I knew that my mission was to join Spoon University at MSU. I have loved food all my life, but I never actually did anything about it other than eat more than I should and bake desserts to contribute to me eating more than I should. 

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The last quote of my Common App essay perfectly demonstrates why I joined Spoon University at MSU: "Old habits die hard, and I plan on being a foodie for the rest of my life. My love for food is stuff for the movies, a romance for the ages. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on my food and me, and our relationship will definitely last much, much longer." And that is why I joined Spoon University. There is no profound, philosophical story. I just really love food, and Spoon University is the perfect community to express that love.

Spoon University at MSU is looking for more writers, photographers, videographers, and marketers. You don't have to be a specific major to be a part of us. For example, I am a Human Biology and French double major on pre-med track, but Spoon is my life. Spoon is not only a fun community to be a part of, it's a great experience and looks good on a resume. 

Jude, one of our Social Media Directors, got a job offer in L.A. at White Oak Communications because they recognized that she was a part of Spoon University and wanted to know more about her.

Spoon will be one of the best experiences you will have at MSU. If you're interested in starting the process to become a member, click here. Our first meeting is Wednesday September 14th at 7:30pm in 151 ComArts. Everyone is invited. Check out our website, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@spoon_msu). Also, check us out when we take over @spoontv on Snapchat on Tuesday September 13th.