It's always a special occasion when friends come to visit. We all know the way to the heart is through food, so you know you have to help your friends experience the great food at Temple. Regardless of which friend is visiting—your friend from across the country, your friends from home, or even your friends from Drexel or Penn—these are the places to take them to ensure their Temple food experience is a good one. 

1. Friends From Other Philly Schools: Richie's

cinnamon, sandwich
Monica Mellon

Richie's is one of the most popular food spots on campus, run by one of the coolest guys on campus, Richie himself. Your Philly friends understand the food situation in Philly, but they never get to experience Richie's. 

2. Friend From Across the Country: Master Wok

cake, coffee, tea, beer
Monica Mellon

When your friend from California is visiting, what better way is there to update them on the Philly food scene than with the best Chinese food ever? Located in the middle of Liacouras Walk, Master Wok is the place to go for quality Chinese food at an unbeatable price. 

3. Best Friend from Home: Maxi's

Monica Mellon

No matter what you're in the mood for, you should head over to Maxi's. Maxi's has just about any food that you could think of, as well as every kind of pizza under the sun. Bringing your home best friend here will be perfect. It's just like your Friday night pizza parties when you're at home!

4. Significant Other: Bagel Hut

shortcake, berry, pastry, sweet, cream, cake, strawberry
Monica Mellon

There's nothing more romantic than a breakfast date, and there really is nothing better than a bagel sandwich. Bagel Hut is always there for you and your morning breakfast sandwich. With so many different sandwich or bagel varieties, there's no way you could go wrong. 

5. Any Big Group of Friends: Champ's Diner

ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate
Monica Mellon

If you're looking for a great place for a delicious sit-down breakfast, or if you're looking for Oreo pancakes, Champ's is your next stop. Champ's is perfect if you don't want to make your own breakfast, but still want quality breakfast foods.

Regardless of which of your friends is visiting you , you want to make sure they really enjoy their time at Temple. Taking them to these hot food spots will not only make sure they have a great time, but maybe make them wish they came to Temple!