If you're not a huge fan of Maxi's, do you even go to Temple? Maxi's is the place to go at all hours of the day for whatever kind of mood you're in, and whatever kind of food you're craving. With literally every kind of pizza under the sun, where could you possibly go wrong?

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Monica Mellon

I spoke with a few of the Maxi's employees one night about things that customers do that slightly bother them. If you're looking to ensure your Maxi's employees enjoy the pizza experience as much as you, here's how to help.

1. Don't ask for a box for one slice of pizza

Employees say that for one slice of pizza, it's always supposed to go on a plate in a bag. The boxes are for people with the intention of carrying more than one slice across campus. One employee says it's frustrating when she sees a box for one slice that ends up in the trash can right outside the store.

2. Move the line down

We all know it, and we're all guilty of it at some point. After we order, we all just stand right in front of where all the delicious looking pizza is. Employees ask that customers who already paid move to the end of the counter to make sure other customers can see and order.

3. Order pizza with the pizza person and everything else with the cashier 

Again, we've all done it at some point. Not only does it make it harder for the employees to keep track of what everyone wants, they feel bad about someone waiting a long time for their wings because they told the pizza guy and not the cashier. Tell the employee standing by the oven your pizza order, and the employee at the register any additional sides you want.

4. Here's what white pizza is:

One employee informed me that he's always asked about what white pizza is. So for those who don't know, it's literally just pizza without the tomato sauce. That's it.

5. Don't touch the pizza

You think this would go without saying. Employees say that this typically happens on weekends when everyone comes in after a party. They hate having the conversation entailing the two options of the tainted pizza- buy it or we have to throw it away. Don't worry, non-food-touchers, this is always taken care of and you won't get touched pizza. 

Overall though, the employees really do enjoy working at Maxi's. They said that everyone who works there and comes in is very friendly, and overall it's a rewarding experience, so much so, that they struggled to come up with a list of things that occcasioanly go wrong!