Froyo is serious business. It has less fat content than ice cream and comes with a buffet of possible topping choices. Though it's more than just a healthier alternative to the sundae. It can reveal hidden truths about your personality. This dessert is basically a horoscope. 

Time to stop reading your tea leaves and just interpret your frozen yogurt toppings. 

One Topping

yogurt, dairy, cake, whipped cream, dairy product, milk, chocolate, sweet, cream
Lara Taniguchi

You're self-aware. You know what you like and you're comfortable with who you are.  However, be cautious about boxing yourself in or getting stuck in a repetitive routine. You may need to work on stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. 

All The Toppings

Morgan Goldberg

You're adventurous. Your choice to layer varying colours and textures in your food suggests that you'll try anything once. You don't want to limit your experience of the world in any way.  Also, you're here for the toppings more than the yogurt. It wouldn't seem odd for you to skip the yogurt line completely and just fill your cup with items from the topping buffet. 

Cookie Dough

sweet, cream, cookie, pastry, cake, chocolate
Alexa Fleisher

You were a rule-breaker as a child. Your younger self sneakily ate cookie batter from the bowl when your mom told you not too. This practice made you an independent free-thinker who was down with taking risks. Now that safe-to-eat eggless cookie dough is being produced, you can't resist the nostalgia that comes with eating it. 

Rainbow Sprinkles

pastry, goody, sprinkles, sweet, cake, candy, cream, chocolate
Torey Walsh

You're just in it for the aesthetic. Face it, sprinkles have no flavour and you only got them because they look pretty and fit your unicorn insta theme. At least you got a sweet insta pic out of it right?


sweet, berry, blueberry
Jocelyn Hsu

You have your life together. When faced with a buffet of chocolate and candy, you stayed strong and dedicated to your health. You know what's good for you and that your body is a temple. Just know that your froyo bowl is one blender trip away from being a smoothie and it's not really a dessert. 

Gummy Candy

pepper, tomato, vegetable
Kevin Rodriguez

You're sweet. Whether it's gummy bears, gummy worms, sour keys, or jube jubes, you have a major sweet tooth and your personality is the same. Just like your candy you are bright, colourful, and young at heart. 


cream, sweet, tea, coffee, milk
Jocelyn Hsu

You fidget.  You play with your food and will pop bubblewrap at any given opportunity. Your short attention span and need for constant stimulation can be occupied by these tapioca balls, which are basically just fidget spinners for your mouth.


salt, meat, oil, vegetable, nut, pistachio
Christin Urso

You're outdoorsy. You picked a high-protein, natural topping. You love to get outside and stay fit. You might have a green thumb and spend your weekends hiking equipped with your walking stick and trail mix.  

Chocolate Chips

chocolate, chips, chocolate chips, cocoa
Caroline Ingalls

You're a traditionalist. Some may call you unoriginal, boring, or basic, but you know that you have refined tastes and live for the classics. 


candy, milk, goody, sweet, cream, chocolate
Clare Beatty

You're chill.  The simple things make you happy. A relaxing summer night for you would be kickin' it in a plaid flannel, seated around the campfire making smores and singing along to an acoustic guitar. In the colder months, you live for putting on some fuzzy socks, wrapping yourself in a blanket and cozying up with a good book and some hot cocoa. 

Caramel Sauce 

Bianca Hsieh

You're a good friend. You have found the perfect balance of savoury, salty, and sweet. This translates to being able to understand and complement a huge range of personalities and  make friends easily. You know how to compromise and not take sides, you social butterfly you. 

Whether you're adventurous or reserved, healthy or a practicing couch potato, you are now more aware of the hidden meanings within your froyo preferences.

Dissapointed in the results? Cheer yourself up with a trip to Menchies.