If you’re anything like me, then you’re unashamedly obsessed with froyo. No, it’s not ice cream. It’s even better. You know why? Because while personally mixing and matching your own flavors toppings, you also get to feel healthier choosing ice cream’s lighter cousin. (It’s really just personalized healthy yogurt, guys… Right?)

Being this obsession is real and something I take extremely seriously, coming to college was a real wake up call; I had to find a new froyo place. Being from NY, we have a lot of them, Cherry Tree, 16 Handles, Red Mango… etc. My personal favorite was always 16 Handles, to which I would drive out of my way to get to when there was another froyo facility less than five minutes from my house.

Now a college kid in PA (with a car!) I knew I had to find my new home. MENCHIES.

Heres why.

1. Convenience


Photo by Bari Blanga

If you go to school at Muhlenberg College, Menchies is literally right there! It’s super easy to get to and parking is a breeze. Not only is Menchies the most convenient to me (that was pure luck) but it also has taste cups.

2. The staff


Photo by David Whinery

I cannot stress to you the importance of the people in these froyo endeavors. If the people working there aren’t happy, you won’t be either. But at Menchies, they aren’t just working there, they are enjoying the experience with you.

Everyone who works there is friendly, smiley and pleasant to chat with. Being I go an obscene amount, I have one employee who not only knows me, but is genuinely concerned when she doesn’t see me. These relationships are what make froyo more than just a sweet treat, it’s a social function as well.


Photo by Rebecca Block

They don’t have everything, because that would be unrealistic, but what they do have is variety.At Menchies, you have your classics, vanilla, chocolate, original, so if you’re a froyo conservative you’re all set.If you like to play around, they also have you covered. They always have at least one fruity option, one special or seasonal choice and something in the sorbet family. If this isn’t enough, they regularly rotate so you will never go in and have the same options you did the last time you were there!

4. The toppings


Photo by Bari Blanga

Toppings are key to the froyo process.

They are, however, extremely reliant on your personal preference (but if you don’t like peanut butter cups then you’re just wrong…unless its an allergy in which case I apologize.) With toppings, its a science. You need your stapes, sprinkles, cookie crumbs etc, but you also want the specials. When I say specials, Im talking the whipped toppings, fresh fruits, sauces, butters and larger candies. Menchies has it all, from hot fudge to peanut butter, strawberries to cheese cake pieces, and best of all, they’ll refill it with larger pieces if you ask nicely.

5. The miracle card.


Photo by Jessica He

If this wasn’t enough, lets not forget about the magical Menchie’s card.

You’re probably thinking you know the drill, some card that makes them money and you get a shit load of emails. Not anymore folks.The Menchie’s card not only is easily attachable to your car keys (always on hand) but it also actually gets you perks. Its pretty simple, everytime you go, you get points. When you hit a certain amount you get five dollars worth of yogurt totally free. FREE.

It’s really that easy.