Summer is here, and with it comes sunny weather, blue skies, and most importantly, my favorite summer foods. While these foods are available year-round, there's something about the summer that makes them taste extra delicious. 

Something I've never considered when eating these summer foods is how my choices reflect my personality. Each food says something totally different about the person who chooses it. Here's a list of the best summertime snacks, and what they say about you and your personality.


If sweet and juicy watermelon is your go-to summertime treat, you're reliable and beloved. Much like this delicious fruit, you can be counted on to make an appearance at every backyard barbecue and pool party, and always provide a good time. You're confident in who you are and see no reason to stray from a summer favorite. Like you, watermelon is incredibly versatile, so grab a melon and enjoy this refreshing treat.

Ice Cream

If ice cream is your ultimate summer dessert, you're a kid at heart. The sound of the ice cream truck driving down the street brings back memories of eating your favorite ice cream truck treats on the curb, and you love reminiscing about your favorite summer memories as you chow down on cold, sweet cones. You're a supportive friend who's always there for your pals in their times of need. Everyone knows ice cream in a cone is the way to go, but did you know your choice of cone can also say a lot about your personality?

Hot Dogs

Ah, the great hot dog versus hamburger debate that occurs at every backyard barbecue. If you're on team hot dog, you're a strong, independent individual who doesn't stick to the status quo. You're not afraid to be yourself, and have as many quirks as hot dogs have toppings. You're unafraid to stand by your opinions on controversial issues, like whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.


On the other hand, if you're a burger fan, you're a trendsetter who isn't afraid of new experiences. You're adventurous and always ready to step out of your comfort zone and share new experiences with your pals. Though burgers have been around at summer cookouts forever, there's always some new variation to try, from ramen noodle buns to a vegetarian patty that actually tastes like meat

Corn on the Cob

Carly Koemptgen

Lovers of this humble vegetable, you're sweet and shy. Though reserved on the surface, you have a charming and trustworthy personality. Much like this easy-to-make grill mainstay, you may sometimes be overlooked by others, but your true friends know how amazing you really are. 

#SpoonTip: Leave the butter and salt behind and check out this recipe for elotes, a Mexican street food classic.


Just like the fun of squishing together a toasted, gooey marshmallow between two graham crackers, you bring the excitement to any backyard barbecue. You're a central figure around every campfire and love being around your friends and family. Everyone enjoys your bubbly and lovable personality, just as everyone can agree that s'mores are the best summer treat.

Hopefully this list gave you a glimpse into your personality by way of your favorite summer foods. Here's to a long, sunny summer filled with good friends, long nights, and great food.