It’s summer, and it’s hot, which means you need to eat more watermelon (and apparently watermelon seeds). Besides tasting amazing and being ultra refreshing, watermelon is pretty good for you, with lots of vitamins and lycopene, and it’s one of the lower caloric fruits available.

An iconic summertime fruit, watermelon is available year-round, but it’s at its best and most seasonal right now (and until August). So, get off your butt and grab some watermelon ASAP because here are nine more ways to get watermelon in your life this summer.

1. Watermelon Margarita 

watermelon recipes

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Watermelon and tequila? Yes, please. Try adding in some thinly sliced and deseeded jalapeño while blending all the ingredients together if you’re looking for an additional delicious kick.

2. Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

watermelon recipes

Photo by Lara Schwieger

Agua Frescas are perhaps the most thirst-quenching drink ever created. Stay hydrated and happy as you lounge in the sun with this watermelon beverage.

3. Watermelon Mojito 

watermelon recipes

Photo by Jamie Fink

Sweet and delicious, after one sip, you will soon be hooked on this summery drink. Cocktail umbrellas optional. 

4. Watermelon Summer Cake

watermelon recipes

Photo by Samantha Ho

Have your cake, and eat it, too. I bet you’ve never experienced watermelon this way and damn, now you can.

5. Grilled Watermelon

watermelon recipes

Photo courtesy of

Both grilling and watermelon epitomize the summertime, so why not combine them? Sweet and smokey, this preparation of watermelon is unlike any you’ve had before.

6. Watermelon Salsa 

watermelon recipes

Photo by Caroline Grew

What also goes great with hot weather? Tacos. Now you can have tacos and watermelon at the same damn time with this salsa.

7. Watermelon Summer Salad 

watermelon recipes

Photo by Libby Perold

The sweetness and juiciness of the watermelon and the creaminess and tanginess of the feta makes this salad perfect for cooling you down this summer and will soon become one of your favorites. 

8. Kale and Watermelon Salad

watermelon recipes

Photo by Emily Nadler

Similar to the salad beforehand, this salad kicks it up a notch with kale, making it more of a hearty meal, packed with nutrients so you can play in the sun all day long.

9. Mint Watermelon Smoothie

watermelon recipes

Photo by Katheleen Lee

Mint and watermelon are always a solid combo, and now you can consume them via a smooth, creamy, and cool drink. Yum.