When I make a trip to my local ice cream shop, one of the hardest decisions I have to make (besides which flavor I'm going to get) is which ice cream cone to get it in. Cones are the perfect vessel for ice cream, providing both a portable container and a crunchy treat when the ice cream melts.

One question I've never considered when choosing which cone to get is how my choice reflects on my personality. Each cone can say a ton about the person who chooses it. So here's a list of the best cones out there, as well as what your favorite ice cream cone says about you and your personality. 

Cake Cone

If this slightly sweetened, light and flaky cone is your fave, you're a kid at heart. Eating one of these brings you back to the days of eating Superman ice cream on a hot summer day, and you love reminiscing about the good times you've had. You're a sweet, supportive friend who's never bossy and overpowering, just as these sweet cones never overpower the great flavors of the ice cream within. Try making these ice cream cone cake pops to enjoy your favorite cone even in the middle of winter.

Sugar Cone

Just like the classic sugar cone, you're reliable and strong. You're confident in who you are, and all your friends can count on you to be there for them when they need you. You know exactly what you like, and see no reason to stray from the classics. Sugar cones are present at practically every ice cream shop across America,  and are stronger and sweeter than their cake cone counterparts. Just like you, they're versatile and fun, and can even be used to make this pumpkin pie cannoli for after ice cream season ends.

Waffle Cone

If you go for a homemade waffle cone, you appreciate the finer things in life and love to #treatyoself, even if it costs a dollar more than a regular cake or sugar cone. You're independent and enthusiastic, and always a treat to be around. In case you were curious, here's a full breakdown of the differences between waffle cones and sugar cones.

Puffle Cone

You're a trendsetter, and always at the forefront of new trends. Just like the puffle, you're Insta-ready and never seen without your phone to snap selfies or perfect pictures of brunch for your feed. Your friends love to come to you for advice about fashion, new restaurants, and life. Fun fact: these chewy, bubbly cones went viral in 2016, and are based on a Hong Kong street food called gai daan jai

Donut Cone

chocolate, peanut butter, cream, peanut
Alessandra Tacconelli

If you're in love with this donut ice cream cone hybrid, you love getting the best of both worlds. When given the choice between two ideas, you love to come up with ideas that satisfy everyone, just like how this cone combines two amazing desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. You are always thinking of new places to go and things to do, and your friends love to come along for the ride. You're even adventurous enough to make these treats yourself!

Hopefully, this list provided you with a glimpse into your personality through ice cream cones, or just made you crave ice cream served in a perfectly crispy, sweet treat. You better head on over to your favorite scoop shop now and order up.