Oftentimes in college, you're asked to find yourself. That statement of “find yourself” is terrifying — I believe we’re all completely lost most of the time. But if you must find yourself, then maybe your favorite Insomnia cookie can provide some insight. Here's what your favorite Insomnia cookie says about who you really are. 

Chocolate Chunk: The Renaissance Man (or Woman)

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Ashley Dyrhaug

“Hey wanna hang out?” lights up your phone screen. You quickly pull up your phone calendar and calculate that you can fit in a quick coffee date in between calligraphy class and club basketball practice.

You're the person who does a little bit of everything. You play the clarinet, read to elementary school kids, and climb impossible mountains on your days off. People typically don’t understand how you're still alive, or even if you’ve ever experienced sleep.

Most of the times it’s great. You’re never bored and people love talking to you, but you are at risk of falling apart. When you have a massive test to study for, but eight club meetings that you are on the exec board for, you’re bound to lose your mind.

M&M: The Fun Friend

You’re the person who people come to when they just want to lift their mood. They know that you always know the best movie with Ben & Jerry’s combos or the wildest parties going on that night. No matter what someone does with you, they know that they will be smiling throughout all of it.

Your best friend’s boyfriend cheated on her? Pop the champagne and gossip away. The girl next to you in class failed the exam? Time for some retail therapy with your new buddy.

Your biggest strength is also your biggest pitfall. In always trying to be the fun friend, you may have a hard time showing negative emotions, because everyone is relying on you to always be in a festive mood.

Sugar: The Bleeding Heart

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Ashley Dyrhaug

You can always be found volunteering and donating your time to causes you feel strongly about. One day you’re holding a sign outside of the Westboro Baptist church encouraging them to believe that “Love is Love” and the next you’re protesting the immoral chicken slaughtering tactics near a Purdue plant. You’re not afraid to change the social code of our society.

Most of the time, it’s great. You have enough compassion to distribute throughout a large campus. But sometimes when other people don’t share your view on issues or lack love for humanity, you take it as a personal attack. Your sensitivity can make you too sensitive in certain aspects of this cold world. Don't worry, it will all be alright. 

Double Chocolate Chunk: The “Hell No” Voice

Opinionated, strong-willed, the opposite of conflict averse —that’s you. You’re not afraid to state your point of view, even if it’s unpopular. Everyone walks on the right, you walk on the left, because they do it in England and you don't confine yourself to American ideals. Everyone orders coffee at Starbucks; you get the kids' cocoa. No one can sway you from what you want.

On the social side, you are the one who helps your softer friends set their limits. Your roommate is about to get back with his toxic on and off girlfriend, you help him finally make the much needed clean break. After hearing your sister complain endlessly about her chemistry elective, you take her through the steps to drop it.

You’re decisive nature makes you a strong, sought out individual. Sometimes, you can be a bit too harsh and lack sensitivity. Not everything can be a “no” for a variety of reasons.

Oatmeal Raisin: The Yoga Mom

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Ashley Dyrhaug

Kids get dropped off at 8 am, Bikram yoga at 9, and meeting with Kelly at Chop’t at noon to discuss the PTA sponsored dance. You have everything together all of the time and not to mention, you are fit and fab. Your idea of an indulgence is a piece of 99 percent dark chocolate with one strawberry. You are the envy of all the other moms.

You’re biggest weakness is sometimes you have a hard time loosening up. The irony is you think that you are zen, because of all the yoga, but when it comes down to it, pilates on their own cannot hide your constant state of stress. Whether it’s about your kids or your life’s purpose, there’s always something weighing on your mind.

White Chocolate Macadamia: The Artist

You study Raphael in your free time and work hours on end to embody him and all he creates. A combination of a love of art history and a constant desire to create greatness; you are an idealist, a dreamer, and a lover.

An eye for beauty, everyone comes to you with an art project or creative writing competition to get your expert feedback. You’re meant to channel your creativity in everything you pursue.

If you are not able to have free reign in your pursuits, you can easily feel boxed in. Rubrics and requirements are your prison. Make sure you choose a flexible job, so you can flex your paintbrush muscles.

Snickerdoodle: The Hipster Coffee Connoisseur

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Ashley Dyrhaug

It’s not enough to grab a quick macchiato from Starbucks when you could get a Spanish latte from the tucked away Think Coffee shop. You don’t like the mainstream, whether it be coffee, Uggs, or Drake’s newest album.

People come to you for your off-the-beaten-path recommendations. You steer them away from Baja Fresh and to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican kitchen. You make them mix tapes with new indie voices rather than overplayed One Direction love songs. You’re not afraid to venture into the world of international films and have a soft spot for exotic pets like hedgehogs and Shetland ponies.

Sometimes in your pursuit of the road less traveled, however, you miss some amazing parts of the main road. You’ll skip over some must-hear Adele ballads and never understand "Mean Girls" references. Every now and again, the popular opinion is onto something.

Double Chocolate Mint: The Eco-Freak

Daisies in your long wavy hair and your arms wrapped around a 100-year-old oak — that’s you. You love the Earth and will do everything in your power to protect it. You’ll suffer through a five-minute ice shower or do your homework by candlelight just to reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s people like you who have slowed down global warming and we owe a lot to you for it. You educate your friends on what compost really means and you make vegan recipes during dinner parties to show people that plant-based doesn’t have to mean bland. Your sustainable practices are contagious and you’re making the Earth a better place everyday.

The only problem is sometimes you love the Earth too much and don’t take care of your own needs. It’s okay to sometimes blow dry your hair or watch the newest episode of "Orange is the New Black." I promise, a few rounds of Candy Crush on your iPhone won’t kill off the belugas. It’s about balancing Earth love and being able to function in our wasteful technological world.

Peanut Butter Chip: The Peacekeeper

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Ashley Dyrhaug

You and the Double Chocolate Chunk people make the perfect duo. Unlike their strong will, you like to keep everybody on everyone’s good side. You hate conflict and will do whatever you can to help bring people back together. If your two best friends are fighting, you lock them in a room until they talk it out.

You are the person who will stop wars with your peace treaty drafts or fuse the political parties together. With excellent diplomacy and problem solving skills, you have no enemies.

Sometimes with your peaceful ways, however, you can be too soft. You’re more interested in keeping the peace than asserting your own opinion. This can lead to you feeling voiceless and upset with outcomes. As horrible as it sounds, peace at a small scale might not be worth your lack of satisfaction. With your amazing people skills, I’m sure you can assert your opinion in a way that gets heard and creates zero waves.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: The Magnet

You literally pull people in to your magnetic field. You walk into a party and people just fly from the perimeter of the room and stick to you…just kidding. But you do have the definition of a magnetic personality. Something about your infectious smile and impossible wit just scores you every friendship, date and interview.

People always ask you for your secret, but the truth is you don’t even know your own secret. Your extraversion is just a part of you that you were born with and it’s extremely hard to clone it.

The only problem is in all of your greeting, meeting and attracting, you have a lot of people in your life that take up your time. You might have a hard time selecting the people that really matter in your attempt to spend equal time with each new friend. If you can find a way to be more selective, then you can make the most out of your impressive magnet skills.

Triple Chocolate Chunk: The Extra

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Ashley Dyrhaug

Extra sprinkles, please! Everything you do is just a little bit #extra. When you can’t choose between two Gucci purses, you buy both. I mean they are different colors. Your teacher said 10-page essay, you produce a dissertation. Being average isn’t enough for you so you always go over the top.

Overdressed, over prepared and overachieving, you’re just always a little more. This is what sets you apart from the crowd and typically in a good way. You never settle for less that what you deserve (and you shouldn’t).

Places to be careful are in your privilege and personality. Sometimes you can come across as overindulged or too defensive. Maybe a best friend jabs at your funny laugh and you pull out a sword. It’s all about moderating all the extreme sides of you.

S’mores: The Adrenaline Junkie

Your bucket list looks a little bit like this: skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving, punch John Cena and stroke a sleeping grizzly bear. If it makes you sweat, you’re doing it. The ultimate adventurer; you’re hard not to like. You make people feel the most excited that they’ve ever felt in their life.

But the most incredible thing about you is ironically, you also love the little things. Perhaps enjoying a campfire after a night of hiking or cuddling a dachshund puppy. Everything that involves the senses, whether big or little, you’re there.

The only problem is that you can sometimes be a little bit reckless and lack direction in your life. You're always on the go and living in the present, so it’s hard for you to reflect and grow emotionally. If you can find time to write or converse with people in between sailing races, you’ll be a well-rounded adventurer.